8 Travel Resolutions To Adopt In 2020

30 December 2019
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Welcome to a new year! Can you believe it’s 2020 already? Nope, neither can we. It feels like just yesterday that we were counting down the last seconds of 2018. And in that moment, three quarters of us Aussies had already made New Year’s Resolutions, according to research by finder.com.au. 

Now, 2019 is well and truly gone. For 2020, perhaps you’ve vowed to get fit, take your lunch to work more often or learn a new skill this coming year. Perhaps you’ve adopted one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions: to travel more. If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place. Here are eight travel resolutions to adopt in 2020. 

1. Travel, but do it ethically 

Definitely travel more in 2020, but there are plenty of ways you can fly or get around without adversely affecting the environment. It’s easier than you think, just read our suggestions: 6 Ways To Do Ethical Travel.

2. Tick something off your wish list

See sunrise at Angkor Wat in Cambodia

Cross something off your travel wish list by booking a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Still looking for inspiration? Check out our Top 50 must-have travel experiences for 2020 and get out there! 

3. Take the kids travelling

Taking the family on holiday can be an enriching experience for all. There’s plenty on offer to suit all ages, including cruises, resorts and tours. Before you head off on your adventure, read What We Wish We Knew Before Travelling With Kids. 

4. Travel and not be poor afterwards

Yes, you can enjoy gelato in Europe and not be poor afterwards. Read how!

Ah, we’ve all been there. Spent too much on food, splurged while shopping and picked up some last-minute duty-free on the way home. This time, be prepared with our expert tips: How To Holiday In Europe And Not Be Poor Afterwards.

5. Ditch the travel anxiety for good 

Do you suffer from anxiety while you fly? Learn How To Beat Anxiety For Frequent Flyers so you can travel in 2020 sans freakout.

6. Get more from your loyalty program

You’ve got a frequent flyer membership, but do you know how to get the most out of it? Never fear, this year learn How To Get More From Frequent Flyer Points. 

7. Get off the beaten track

Get off the beaten track in 2020

Seek adventure this year by travelling beyond the major cities. Looking for a suggestion? Check out these 9 Off The Beaten Track Experiences To Have In 2020.

...and finally

8. Love thy travel expert

Your Travel Expert is here to help. In fact, there are many times a travel agent has saved someone’s holiday. Read about All The Times When A Travel Agent Saved Someone’s Holiday. Love your agent, and they will love you right back.

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