Bluesmart: A Smart Case Of Luggage Technology

7 November 2014
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It's been decades since there's been some innovation in luggage design, but a smart new suitcase has arrived for the modern traveller and it's set to take off in a big way. Featuring patent-pending technology, Bluesmart is the first carry-on suitcase that connects to your smartphone.

 The world's first connected carry-on suitcase

A bagful of clever features

Created for the connected generation, this brainy little suitcase has been designed to make travelling easier in the 21st Century. Using a dedicated smartphone app, you can lock and unlock Bluesmart, weigh it, track its location, be alerted if you leave it behind and monitor your travel habits. The suitcase is also fitted with a powerful built-in charger for phones, laptops and tablets.

"Hey, good looking"

It's also smart and sleek in appearance, measuring in at 21.5” x 14” x 9”. To assist going through airport security, there's a compartment at the front to store your laptop and tablet so you can easily remove them.

 Handy access to your electronic devices

Bluesmart's forward-thinking features:

Digital lock: Forget about keys or combinations, simply lock and unlock Bluesmart from your smartphone. The suitcase will automatically lock itself when separated from you and will notify you if anyone tries to open it. You can also share access with people you trust.

Digital scale: With Bluesmart's digital built-in scale, you'll know whether your bag is within the approved weight restriction before you get to the airport. Simply lift the handle and the app will tell you the current weight.

Distance alerts: Thanks to proximity sensors, you'll be notified via SMS when you are separated from your Bluesmart or leave it behind, avoiding loss and theft.

Location tracking: With GPS technology, the Bluesmart app can track the location of the suitcase and help you find it when it's been lost or re-routed.

Trip statistics: The Bluesmart app allows you to view trends and data regarding your travel habits including miles travelled, airports visited and time spent in each state/country. It also syncs with other services for notifications and reminders.

Battery charger: The Bluesmart features a super-powerful battery charger that can charge two devices at the same time. You'll be able to recharge your smartphone six times over on the road.

 Bluesmart is your personal travel assistant

Although not yet available in luggage retailers, you can contribute to the launch of the Bluesmart on the IndiGogo crowd funding site. By the look of the latest funding figures, Bluesmart is receiving tremendous support and is well on its way to changing the way you travel.


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