Boeing Just Patented A Chair That Might Help You To Actually Sleep In Economy

14 April 2015
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How many times have you found yourself tempted to pull down your tray table for a place to rest your head on a long haul flight, happily drooling into the cup holder?

Comfort is the eternal quest of the economy class passenger. You try neck pillows, eye masks, and prescription sedatives – anything for some shut-eye.

Now Boeing is getting creative so you don’t have to, recently patenting an ‘upright sleep support system’ technically known as the ‘Transport Vehicle Upright Sleep Support System’ and affectionately dubbed ‘the cuddle chair’. The chair is designed to be fitted with a strap system that supports an attachable pack of sorts that folds out to feature a cushion and headrest — sorry — ‘face relief aperture’  that could prove to be the missing piece in the onboard sleep puzzle for the forward-leaning sleeper.

While still in development stages, we’re unclear if Boeing will actually go ahead with the cuddle chair ‘technology’, but for all you tray-table snoozers out there, here’s how it works.


Sweet dreams may now not just be for the rich and famous. Let’s just hope there’s fresh ‘pillowcase’ for each passenger?

Rachel Surgeoner

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