Brisbane Airport Trials Digital Departure Card

25 March 2015
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Those little green cards, the bane of many travellers' existence, could soon be a thing of the past as Brisbane Airport trials a Digital Departure Card for international travellers.

 The mandatory Outgoing passenger card

Under Australian Law, all international travellers heading out of Australia are required to fill in an 'outgoing passenger card', declaring where they're going, why and for how long.

The innovative Digital Departure Card, built into the Brisbane Airport (BAC) mobile app, means international travellers will no longer have to scrounge for a pen, elbow their way for bench space and fill-in the card by hand.

Passengers can enter and save their information into the app prior to arriving at the airport. The app then provides a QR code, which is scanned at dedicated Departure Card Kiosks inside the International Terminal.

The departure card is then printed at the kiosk, with passengers only required to add their signature and proceed through to customs as normal.

 The bespoke kiosks to print the Digital Departure Cards

Julieanne Alroe, Brisbane Airport Corporation CEO and Managing Director, says the trial has been greatly supported by the Australian Customs Service and Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

"The result is an Australian, if not a world first, digital solution that will save time, streamline processing and help reduce anxiety associated with departure formalities, especially for non-English speaking travellers," says Ms Alroe.

Passengers' personal information is stored on the app and can be used for every departure from Brisbane International Airport. Those travelling with family can also add the information of their travel partners.

 Welcome to the world of tomorrow!

This ground-breaking digital feat, co-developed with the Queensland University of Technology (QUT), is accessible on the Brisbane Airport app now and will be trialled over the coming months.

The project began when Creative Industries students at QUT were tasked with improving passenger experience, with filling in the arrival and departure cards standing out as a major bugbear for travellers.

“Filling in data for the arrival or departure cards on the BAC App in advance, rather than filling it in on the cards at the airport makes the process easy whether someone is a frequent international flyer or a sometime traveller,” says Professor Alexander Dreiling, Associate Professor and Chair in Airport Innovation at QUT.

If the trial of the Digital Departure Card proves successful, the performance will be studied and refined for wide-scale release.

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