13 Moments Where A Facebook Dislike Button Would Come In Handy

17 September 2015
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Digital overlord Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced a 'dislike' button is in development at FB HQ. It might not be a definitive 'dislike', but it will be an alternative to the existing 'like' function; something that allows users to show empathy for those moments in life where a casual thumbs up just doesn't cut it.

In honour of this long-awaited piece of code, here are 13 moments where a dislike button would really hit the spot.

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1. When you have to set your alarm for the first time after weeks of sleeping-in and there's no afternoon siesta to get you by.

2. When nobody brings you a cocktail by the pool and the best you can do is a glass of Shiraz in the tub.

3. When your friend shares a snap of the view from their hotel in Maui and all you can send in return is a shot of your desk plant.

4. When a friend announces they've booked Earlybird airfares for a month in Europe and you've only got two annual leave days in the bank.

5. When your friends are in Canada riding the Rocky Mountaineer and you're stuck on an hour-long commute.

6. When your friends check-in to the Sex and the City tour in NYC and you're stuck watching Season 2 reruns.

7. When you're drinking VB at the local pub instead of a stein of pilsner from a beer hall in Munich.

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8. When you're eating a sad desk lunch and your friends are stuffing their faces with In-N-Out burgers in California.

9. When your pho for lunch costs $14 and it doesn't taste nearly as good as the 80c bowl of broth you had in Ho Chi Minh City

10. When your weekend involves less surfboard and more ironing board.

11. When you have to put your suitcase back in the cupboard instead of packing it for your next adventure.

12. When you come home and nobody has made your bed or hung up fresh towels. What does the cat even do all day?

13. When you wake up and there's no buffet – just one Weet-Bix left in the box... and some pretty questionable milk.

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