The Flight Centre Flight Pages Get a Makeover

13 September 2012
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Despite the common phrase, "a change is as good as a…," here at Flight Centre we live by the philosophy that nothing can really replace a holiday – except that is, where our website is concerned. We've listened to you, our valued customers, on what you want from us online and have this week launched a new flights section and home page.

You've possibly already used our flight pages to look up or book local and international airfares. If you haven't, we've just made the experience of searching and booking flights easier.

 Flight Centre's Emily Pearce and Tiffany Apatu from the Digital Design & UX Team

Tiffany Apatu is the Design and User Experience Team Leader at Flight Centre.

"It's been a team of hundreds - literally! We've had a great group of designers, developers, writers and product specialists bringing their expertise and ideas to this redesign project, but most importantly we've involved several hundred of our customers. Every day we get a lot of feedback about our website and there is also little bit of ‘science' behind understanding where we might have issues. As we moved through the design process, we kept asking our customers, in person and through Facebook and Twitter, to 'test' out the designs. We didn't just ask people what they liked or thought but had them use the designs to see what did and didn't work," said Tiffany.

Tiffany describes the new look and feel as "straightforward and a little bit interesting, but how it looks is just part of it - an important part - but nonetheless still a part."

She explains that in redesigning the all-important flight pages, the team aimed to make searching and booking flights as easy for customers as possible.

"We want to show people options and give them the information they need to make decisions. It is also easy to get in touch with our Airfare Experts for help, advice and service," said Tiffany.

"One of the things I love about working at Flight Centre is all our great people. There is so much travel experience and knowledge here and we can start to showcase this through our website. It is a great way for our customers and consultants to connect."

Although the homepage and flights section is now 'live', Tiffany is quick to admit that this is just the beginning.

"Design isn't set and forget. It is an ongoing process and we'll continue to learn new things about making planning and booking travel easier. All the while we will remain focused on one thing: travel is special and important to people. Dreaming about it, planning it and booking it should be simple and fun and we'll do our very best to make it that way."


 The transformation of the Home Page


 The Flights Section - Before and After

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