Qantas Gains Additional Routes To & Within Canada

11 September 2014
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Flying your way to and within Canada has just been made easier thanks to Qantas' codeshare agreement with Canadian low-cost carrier WestJet, providing more than 20 new routes. This means that as of October 15, if you're flying with Qantas to Honolulu or Los Angeles, you'll only need to wait at the airport for a maximum of four hours before boarding the connecting WestJet flight to Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton or Calgary.

 Only one short stop-over when flying Australia to Canada with Qantas' new WestJet partnership

Fewer stop-overs, less waiting in stuffy airports and more time spent enjoying your destination is now a reality. As QF Executive Manager of International Sales Steven Thompson puts it, Qantas will be "offering seamless one-stop travel options from Australia to destinations across Canada."

This is a valuable relationship for budget-conscious travellers, as WestJet operates on a highly competitive price rate for Canadian airlines. However, the greatest benefit for travellers will be, as Mr Thompson says, "travelling on a Qantas flight number right through to their final destination in Canada with baggage checked through and more opportunities to earn frequent flyer points."

This new partnership comes after Qantas' recent "enhanced schedule to the US", giving Australians far more opportunities and convenience when travelling to North America.

WestJet also covers other Canada destinations including Winnipeg, Victoria, Regina, Halifax, Montreal and Quebec.

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