Multiple Airlines Add Premium Economy To Round-The-World Fares

10 August 2015
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Did you know the circumference of Earth is about 40,072 kilometres? With three new Premium Economy Class fares on Star Alliance-affiliated airlines you can now circumvent the world and then some, while residing in comfort.

Adding to original Round-the-World (RTW) product, carriers such as Air New Zealand, Singapore Airlines and Air China will offer three different Premium Economy options for RTW passengers covering 46,671, 54,718 or 62,764 kilometres.

“With eleven of our member carriers now offering a dedicated Premium Economy cabin, we are pleased to offer our customers the opportunity to make use of this extra comfort on their Round-the-World travels,” Star Alliance’s vp for commercial and business development Horst Findeisen said.

 Travel around the world in the comfort of Premium Economy seating (image: Getty)

Customers will be able to take full advantage of the flexibility provided by Star Alliance, which allows passengers to use multiple airlines throughout their itinerary.

The three Premium Economy Class fares add to 14 other ticket options, which include three First Class, four Business Class and seven Economy Class fares.

The cost of a ticket varies depending on passengers' ages. Children aged between two and 11 only need to pay 75 per cent of the fare, while infants under two who don't need a seat can fly for 10 per cent of the ticket cost.

Airlines With Premium Economy Cabins

  • Air Canada
  • Air China
  • Air New Zealand
  • ANA
  • EVA Air
  • Lufthansa
  • LOT Polish Airlines
  • SAS
  • Singapore Airlines
  • THAI
  • Turkish Airlines

Facts About RTW Fares

  • You can design your own journey as long as it fits within the travel kilometre limit of your chosen fare.
  • Travel needs to commence and end in the same country.
  • Some zigzagging is permitted within a continent, but overall travel needs to progress in an East or West direction.
  • The Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean must be crossed at least once.
  • The overall itinerary must include between five and 15 stops.
  • Stops lasting a minimum of 24 hours must be made in at least three cities.

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