Travel Alert: ESTA Changes To Affect Travellers

13 December 2018
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Travellers to the USA will no longer be able to apply for real-time ESTA approvals at the airport. According to a new alert on the US Customs and Border Protection website, travellers who arrive at the airport without an ESTA to enter the USA will not be able to obtain the electronic visa before they board and therefore may be unable to travel. 

If you have an existing ESTA, it's a good idea to check the expiration date so you are not caught out before you fly to or from the USA. It's also advised to print out your ESTA approval to carry with you when you travel.

If you don't have an electronic visa for entry into the USA, you can also complete your ESTA application here. The US Customs and Border Protection has advised travellers to the USA to make sure you leave at least 72 hours to complete your ESTA application before travelling. Arriving at the airport without a previously approved ESTA may result in being denied boarding for your flight.

If you have any concerns about your ESTA status or application, chat to your Travel Expert before you travel to the USA to make sure you're not caught out without a valid electronic visa at the airport.

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