12 Ways To Quit Your Job To Start A New Life In Europe

27 February 2019
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Just so you know, we know that you’re thinking of quitting everything to book a one-way ticket to Europe. Believe us, we get it. But also why else would you have clicked on this story while logged in to your computer at work, knowing your boss may walk past any moment now?
It’s either that or I.T. have already flagged it with your boss in which case don’t bother reading the rest of this story, our work here is done. Be free young traveller, go ahead, book the ticket and fulfil your destiny. However, if that didn't do the trick, here are a few suggestions to help you on your merry way:
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You too would be this happy if, like this bloke, you quit your job and moved to Amsterdam.

1. Give your boss a sugar high

Bake a cake that says, ‘Moving to Europe, I quit.’ with the icing. 

2.  Make yourself disappear into thin air, Evanesco! Aka goodbye muggles...

Present a letter from the Ministry of Magic announcing your acceptance into Hogwarts and alongside your resignation letter stating your ‘regretful need to resign’ in order to join your new life as a wizard.

3. The dog ate your...

Tell your boss that your dog ate your resignation letter and that they should accept the shredded corner of the piece of paper as evidence.

4. Make like Arnie

If you work in a call centre, first give your two weeks notice and then on your last shift, impersonate Arnold Schwarzenegger the whole time before finally signing off with an “Hasta la Vista, baby. I won’t be back” before walking out. 

5. Use The Force

You wouldn’t be the first…. [Warning, possibly NSFW cause there’s a bit of nudity at the end]….


6. Create a video game

Make like game developer Jarrad Farbs by creating a short Mario Brothers video game which broke the news along Mario's journey. In the end it revealed: “You gave me a paycheck, an incredible project, and a world-class team to learn from. But my princess is in another castle.”

7. Have a chat to your local newspaper editor

Write an Op-Ed for your local newspaper announcing your resignation...or for The New York Times like Goldman Sachs Employee Greg Smith did in March 2012.

8. A flight attendant is currently pointing out your closest exit 

Or if you’re a flight attendant or captain, take a page out of this guy’s book by grabbing a beer and then exiting by deploying the emergency escape ramp (heads up you will probably be arrested like he was). 


9. When office supplies come in extra handy

Arrive early to your office one morning and plaster sticky notes over one wall spelling out, “I quit,” in giant letters and then wait to see how long it takes for your team to figure out who done it.

10. Make quitting, part of your actual job

Dedicate an issue of your magazine to quitting your job and then announce your own resignation in the Editor’s Letter like former magazine editor Marilyn Berlin Snell did. 

11. Hire a dancing gorilla 

Throw yourself an impromptu farewell party that involves one of those purple dancing messenger gorillas, that people normally hire for birthday surprises, delivering your resignation letter. No one could ever be disappointed to see a person dressed up as a purple gorilla dancing to Phil Collins’ ‘In the air tonight.’

12. Write an article about how to quit your job and move to Europe

Oh wait.... (just joking Luke!)
If none of these 11 ways of quitting your job suit your fancy OR maybe you just really like your job and don’t actually want to quit (you’re lying to yourself because otherwise why did you read to the bottom) well then how about just recharging the batteries on a European summer getaway? We can help you with that too.

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