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18 Products Every Girl Needs To Make Economy Feel Like First Class

6 January 2020
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It’s every frequent flyer’s dream situation; boarding a flight to have the ticket scanner beep, signaling to the hostess that you’ve received an upgrade to first class. Unfortunately this experience is relegated to the dreams of most travellers, so the next best option is to tszuj up your carry on and live your best economy cabin life. 

Read on for a list of life’s little luxuries that you can take with you to make that flight more enjoyable, restful, and have you disembarking looking flawless like Beyonce. 


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1. A luxe sleep mask for those long haul flights. 

My pick is Slip Silk’s sleep mask in black, charcoal or navy. It’s bougie as, while blocking out distracting movement and light, plus it has added anti-aging benefits (i.e. won’t absorb all your hard working products - see #4 and #5 below).

Tip: if you want to go all out, Slip do ‘Beauty Sleep To Go!’ sets that include a travel sized silk pillow AND the sleep mask.   

2. Warm travel socks

Flights get cold, toes get numb, sleep becomes a non-thing. Pack a decent pair of socks and you’ll feel cosy and warm, even if you’re down the back of the cabin. 


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3. Noise cancelling headphones

This one is really a no-brainer because: 

  • They increase your entertainment experience, whether you’re a BYO-iPad kind of flyer or like to get stuck into the in-flight entertainment. 
  • These magic headphones increase the quality of your sleep thanks to the technology that cancels out that headache-inducing humming sound.
  • Hygiene people, hygiene! Headphones that live on planes and are used by every-second person are riddled with germs. Do yourself a favor and BYO.

4. A decent hyaluronic acid serum (HA)

Add to that, a vitamin B serum, peptide serum, hydrating mist, and rich eye cream if you can. Don’t ask why, just layer them on a good 2-3 minutes apart, sit back and let the hydration begin. If you’re flying long haul, I recommend using a face wipe mid way through, and starting the process again. 


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5. A thick and hydrating overnight face mask 

To lock in all of the above. Some of our favourites are the Summer Fridays Jetlag Mask, Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask and the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Sleeping Mask. All three make travel size versions of these products too.

6. Hand cream

If you haven’t figured it out already, flights cause dehydration, which leads to skin aging and looking tired and saggy upon arrival, and that scares me more than turbulence. So get lathering! 

7. Lip balm

I mean this kind of speaks for itself. Everyone needs one of these in their carry on. 


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8. Sanitising wipes

We hate to admit it but planes are not the cleanest of places, not when you're talking about teeny tiny micro sized germs. Even at the best of times it’s hard to stay healthy on a flight, so a little travel size pack of these will sort you out.

Tip: wipe down the entertainment remote and headrest if you can.

9. Hydration salts

As per #6 above, flying = The Sahara Desert for your skin and body. Some of these diluted in water every 2-3 hours will do wonders for you, inside and out. 

10. Basic painkillers & any prescription medication

Luggage has a tendency to go missing when you least expect it, so make sure you take any important medication, and a few general staples onboard with you. 


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11. Basic makeup kit.

Concealer, to fake the sleep you didn’t get and a cream or liquid lip/cheek tint to add a colour back into your face so you don’t disembark looking too ghostly.

12. A cashmere scarf

Or some kind of thin natural fabric wrap that can be used in different ways. This can be used as an added layer of warmth, accessory upon landing, or even to lightly wrap around your head to protect yourself from coughing passengers. While we’re on the topic, wear loose layers for comfort, and always bring something warm. 

13. Eye drops

There is nothing like a red sleepy eye to scream “I’ve just stepped off a really long flight!” so some of these will be handy both during and post flying. 


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14. Deodorant 

For obvious reasons. I prefer to use a natural stick formula to avoid any messy leaks and nasty chemicals. 

15. White T Shirt

To change into prior to landing. White is clean, crisp and reflects light, therefore should (hopefully) make you look like you’ve had more sleep than you did. Paired with all of the above of course.

16. Electrical adaptor

Carrying this with you is really helpful on stopovers, and means your tech will have full juice, even with any luggage issues or delays. 


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17. A toothbrush & toothpaste. 

Not all carriers provide this, so packing your own is the easiest way to ensure you are always feeling fresh. 

18. Clean underwear! 

I don’t need to explain this one. Just pack it. And use it.


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