9 Travellers Whose Holidays Didn't Start Well

28 April 2016
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You never want something to go wrong while on holiday, but if it does we're usually too happy to care much (mishaps requiring travel insurance excluded of course).

It also pays to realise this is all part of travelling, and there's probably a fellow traveller or two out there with a much bigger headache to deal with than you.

So forget about it, enjoy your well-deserved holiday and just thank whoever will listen that you're not one of the following nine people.

1. This Guy Who Found Himself With Less Seat Room Than Advertised

2. This Person Who Discovered The Real Reason Why Scissors Aren't Allowed On The Plane

3. This Cat Who Got Caught Trying To Score A Free Holiday

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4. This DIY Expert Whose Tape-Glue Combo Didn't Hold

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5. This Lady Who Should've Tightened That One Lid

6. This Passenger Who Noticed An Unwanted Visitor

7. This Traveller Whose Shoes Look Too Alike For Packing

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8. This Person Who Realised Cheap Luggage Isn't Always Best

9. And This Flyer Who Realised Early On Their Bag Wasn't Going To Make It

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Ben Stower

I love the kind of travelling that is one part strategic planning and two parts spontaneous adventure. Whether I'm exploring my local city or a small town in the middle of nowhere, I'm always hoping to find something no one else has discovered.