Double Dip Flights Take Travellers Further

25 January 2012
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Aussies taking off overseas may have been short-changing themselves when it comes to visiting multiple destinations. Flight Centre’s general manager of marketing, Robert Crack, said travellers were typically unaware that many airfares offered the opportunity to visit two destinations for the price of one.

 New York

"For as little as $1, travellers can fly to a second destination on one low-priced airfare and potentially save hundreds off the total cost of flights for two separate holidays," Mr Crack said.

"Aussie travellers are looking for savings when they travel and most people are time poor, so we have constructed a new range of flights that offer more flexibility and value-for-money on one overseas holiday."

This week, Flight Centre launches its new range of Double Dip flights to destinations in Asia, America, the Middle East and the South Pacific to provide travellers with more opportunities to see the world, Mr Crack said increased competition between airlines and a greater frequency of flights had created more choice for customers to double their holiday experiences.

"Popular combos are those that include a shopping holiday and a beach break, for example fly to Bangkok and Phuket from $844* from Sydney, just $4 more than a standard flight to Phuket only," he said.

"Or, for exactly the same price you can have a holiday in Los Angeles on your way to New York, from $1308* from Melbourne.

"These airfares really are the solution for travellers who can’t decide between two holiday destinations, because they can realistically do both for about the same price."

Flight Centre has compiled the table below, which outlines the difference in costs of a multi-stop flight, compared to a standard direct flight for a range of destinations.

From... Double Dip flights to... Price Standard flights to... Price DIFFERENCE
Sydney Phuket + Bangkok From $844* Phuket only From $840* $4*
Brisbane Koh Samui + Bangkok From $842* Koh Samui only From $826* $16*
Perth Kuala Lumpur + Sabah From $1174* Kuala Lumpur only From $1162* $12*
Perth Singapore + Bali From $1017* Singapore only From$1016* $1*
Brisbane Bali + Singapore From $1005* Bali only From $993* $12*
Adelaide Singapore + Sabah From $1011* Sabah only From $998* $13*
Sydney Ho Chi Minh + Singapore From $1020* Ho Chi Minh only From $1008* $12*
Brisbane Hawaii + Fiji From $1263* Hawaii only From $1196* $67*
Melbourne New York + Los Angeles From $1308* New York only From $1308* $0*
Sydney Rio de Janeiro + Dubai From $1888* Rio de Janeiro only From $1886* $2*

Double Dip flights are available from all Australian capital cities. Prices vary for each city. The flights are valid for travel on various dates between February 2 and June 26, 2012.

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