Essential Items Checklist For Your Summer Holiday

23 November 2014
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No other time of year is more loved or enjoyed than summer it seems. It’s a season wrapped in youthful exuberance, romanticized and immortalised in story and song and one that we dream about on a chilly day. Family picnics and backyard barbeques, fun filled days at the beach and long drives with the windows down are all summer experiences that we cherish.

 Are you ready for some fun in the sun?

Of course, summer is also a popular time to go on a holiday. Whether it’s a family road trip or just an extended weekend somewhere close to home, there are some warm-weather items that you’ll want to take with you to help make those summertime moments memorable.

Summer is best experienced when doing something that you enjoy, especially when that something is outdoors. No matter what your summer plans might be, consider taking some basic items with you to create some serious summer fun.

Summer clothing – Possibly two of the most important summer gear items are a hat and a pair of sunnies, and everyone should carry these wherever they go for adequate sun protection. Depending on where you live, summer temperatures can fluctuate so it’s always a good idea to dress comfortably.

Wear light weight garments on a hot day, but bring a light jacket or jumper for those times when the sun goes down or when you find yourself in a restaurant or cinema where the air conditioning is blasting away on its most frigid setting.

What would summer be without going for a swim? Pack some fast-drying swimmers that you can wear both on and off the beach, a patterned t-shirt or a polo shirt and you’re instantly ready to pop into the nearest cafe or shop.

Footwear – Summer holidays can include everything from the beach to the park to long walks and hikes. Consider the most versatile footwear for these occasions or bring different pairs to compliment the activity. Generally a pair of flip flops and a comfortable pair of sneakers or walking shoes should see you through and trip.

Sunscreen and Moisturiser – The sun can get pretty intense in the summer and if you plan on being outdoors for any length of time, apply some sunscreen to your exposed skin. Keep a small tube of sunscreen in your bag or in the car so that you can apply it anytime. A good moisturiser will help sooth and hydrate dry skin and can reduce the effects of sunburn.

Beach Gear – If you love summer and the beach like I do, you will keep some basic beach items in your car at all times. After all, you never know when you’re going to pass an inviting beach, and living in tropical Queensland, that is pretty much all year-round for me.

Open the boot of my car and you’ll find a beach umbrella, a couple of light-weight folding chairs and two beach towels along with a Frisbee. That way, I’m ready for a spur of the moment beach outing. Don’t forget your surf board or boogie board either in case you want to hit the waves and any other fun activities you might want to enjoy on the beach.

Music and a Book – Summer should be a relaxing time, and we’re not always going to want to be on the go. Whether it’s on the beach, poolside or a quiet courtyard or park, sometimes there’s nothing better than laying in the sun or cool shade with a good book or chilling out while listening to your favourite music.

The great thing about e-tablets and smart phones is that you can download all of this on one device and enjoy your personalised entertainment anywhere, anytime.

Picnic Gear – Like my little collection of beach gear that I keep in the car, I also keep a picnic set. It doesn’t have to be big or fancy, just a small, simple backpack style picnic set with some plates, cups, cutlery, a picnic mat and of course a bottle opener and you’re all set for an impromptu picnic.

Just find the nearest deli for some great wine, cheese, breads and meats (don’t forget the olives!) and let the al fresco snack time begin.

Todd Sturm lives in sub-tropical Brisbane, Australia where he is never far away from a beautiful beach, inviting park or lush hinterland rainforest. For him it’s summer practically all year round and he loves to make the most of the beautiful Queensland climate.

Todd Sturm

I currently live in Brisbane, Australia. No matter where my travels take me, I enjoy experiencing each destination from the perspective of the locals. Some of my favourite attractions include historic sites, national parks and architectural landmarks.