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22 December 2015
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Travel is rewarding in its many forms, but it can also present moments of annoyance and even crisis if you fail to adequately plan before leaving the house.

Experts in travel, Flight Centre brings you a collection of planning guides for your upcoming flight, covering all areas including baggage limits, staying healthy and travelling with pets.

Planning Your Flight: Check-In Guide

Flight board No one likes missing their flight

Don't ever miss your flight, thanks to this succinct guide on getting to the airport for international and domestic flights, including what you need and when you need to arrive at the terminal.

Planning Your Flight: Baggage Guide

Checked baggage Make sure your bags aren't overweight (Image: Getty)

An overview of what can and can't be taken on flights in your checked luggage and carry-on bags. Although not specific to individual airlines, it offers a great knowledge base on such queries as restricted and bulky items and travelling with infants.

Planning Your Flight: Visa Facts

Customs No visa means no entry and no holiday (Image: Getty)

Everything you need to know about visas including which countries require a visa for Australian travellers and how you can apply for one.

Planning Your Flight: Passport Facts

Australian Passport Don't leave home without it

This blog answers all the questions about the most important travel item including the cost of a passport, how you apply for one and what an ePassport entails.

Planning Your Flight: Travelling With Kids

Kid on plane Toys help pass the time

Travelling with children can be tough, but this article aims to ease parents into the chaos by offering invaluable information. Topics covered include in-flight entertainment, what to do when your baby starts crying and the best onboard food options.

Planning Your Flight: Healthy Travel

Water on flight Opt for water when flying (Image: Getty)

It's important to stay healthy while flying to ensure the best possible start to your holiday. We take a look at the best healthy practices including what to eat and drink, how to avoid Deep Vein Thrombosis and what to do before and after the flight.

Planning Your Flight: Domestic Pet Travel

Travelling pets Make sure your pet has the best possible flight (Image: Getty)

Flying with your pet can be a stressful time, but with a little help from the experts you can benefit from a pre-flight to-do list, information on travel conditions and tips for treating your little buddy after landing.

Planning Your Flight: International Pet Travel

Dog at airport Remember to show your pet plenty of love once you arrive (Image: Getty)

Don't get caught out by the changes in regulations for international pet travel. This in-depth article covers all stages of the flight process including pre-flight check-ups and documentation.

How To Find The Best Seat In Economy

Dog at airport Secure the best spot

Not everyone can afford those guaranteed lounges in business class, but economy also has some seats that are far better than the rest. Here's how to ensure you're never stuck with a dud spot.

Australian Airline Baggage Limits Explained

Qantas plane Every carrier is different

Covering Australia's four popular airlines – Virgin, Qantas, Jetstar and Tigerair – this detailed guide provides everything you need to know about checked and carry-on baggage limits for domestic and international travel.

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