Hotel Perks You Didn't Know You Could Ask For

8 September 2016
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When you hear the words ‘hotel perks’ do free gym access, champagne on arrival and airport transfers spring to mind? Well think again because these services are now a given at many hotels. All kinds of travel, from business trips to family getaways benefit from freebies that you probably never knew you had access to! Before you set off on your next trip, take a look at some of the services you may be able to take advantage of.

A Pillow Menu

Room service items are no longer the only options to choose from when you arrive at a new hotel. Many resorts and hotels now also offer a pillow menu to ensure you get the ultimate night’s sleep. Forget waking up with a sore neck, these menus usually offer a range of pillows from super soft to firm, thin to high and contoured pillows so you can match your own at home. Next time you’re checking in, ask at the desk to see if they have a pillow menu or a range of options already in the room.

Woman jumping backwards onto hotel bed Rejoice! You can now choose your perfect pillow from a menu. Image: Getty.

Personalised Business Supplies

Have you ever been travelling for business, needed to give someone the hotel address and had to Google it? Maybe a colleague needed to fax through documents or you had a contract to print for a meeting. Next time you’re out of town, ask at the desk about personalised business services to address these needs. Some hotels will have personalised business cards with your phone and fax numbers and the hotel address for you to give professional contacts. Others may have a business centre or a special business butler who can handle printing, faxes and appointment management for you too.

Woman looking at phone towing suitcase in the alps. Forget searching for businesses services in a new city, hotels now have it all covered. Image: Getty.

Unique Butler Services

Location, speciality and travel style call for unique services at different hotels around the world. Some tropical hotels have poolside butlers, also called Tanning Butlers to tend to all of your sun-lounger needs, from setting up the sunshade through to applying sunscreen to your back when you’ve no one else to do it for you! City hotels around the globe may have a technology butler on hand to help you connect to the hotel internet, set up a conference call or simply help you find the TV channel you’re after. Finally, if you’re a bookworm there is one hotel worth visiting next time you’re in London. The Langham has its very own Book Butler available for certain suites, who finds you the perfect read and has it waiting on your nightstand in time for turn-down service. Now that sounds like a fairytale!

Pool butler brings drink to woman lounging by pool. A pool butler is just one kind of butler whose services you can take advantage of. Image: Getty.

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Forgotten Toiletries

There’s always something we leave behind right? Well before you set off to find the nearest pharmacy, ask at the front desk. Hotels will usually have a range of pampering products available for free, from hairspray and nail polish to the more intimate necessities.

Woman in towel looking in bathroom mirror. Smile knowing the hotel has all of your toiletries covered. Image: Getty.

Hotels That Tuck The Kids In For You

Next time you’re on a family holiday, babysitting isn’t the only service you need to ask for. Many resorts will also offer an evening service to take the kids to bed for you. This means you can spend dinner with the whole family, but the night doesn’t have to end when the kids’ bedtime rolls around. Cheers to that!

Family running on beach at sunset Taking the whole family on holiday just got even better. Image: Getty.

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