Interesting Souvenir Ideas

6 August 2012
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Your family demand it, your friends expect it and let's face it - it's always a nice to have a lasting memento of a holiday. Shopping for souvenirs is an essential part of any holiday. But the T-shirt, fridge magnet, key-ring or stubby holder probably won't cut it. Here, at Flight Centre, we thought we'd spotlight some interesting souvenir ideas unique to particular cities.

Here are our top 10 interesting souvenir ideas.

 Malaysian Beaded Shoes

Penang, Malaysia
The iconic beaded shoes produced on Penang, Malaysia are definitely more ornamental than practical. It generally takes around one month to finish a pair of shoes as the bead work is all done by hand.

Juneau, Alaska
From the American state that boasts incredibly beautiful glaciers, Juneau offers locally-produced glacial silt soap – which promise to leave your skin feeling soft, supple and highly desirable.

Grand Cayman
Caymanite, a semi-precious stone is unique to the Cayman Islands – so when visiting Grand Cayman consider purchasing a caymanite sculpture perfect for your mantelpiece.

Nuremberg, Germany
Nuremberg in southern Germany is known for its fantastic toy makers. So when in Bavaria – shop for a doll, teddy bear or a puppet.

Auckland, New Zealand
Similar in look to an opal, the paua shell is made into various items of jewellery in New Zealand.

Hoi An, Vietnam
Hoi An seems to be the tailor-made clothing capital of Asia - where skilled tailors seem to magically whip up designer suits and dresses overnight at bargain prices. While in town, also purchase a couple of the beautiful Vietnamese silk ties.

Naples, Italy
Naples is arguably the origin of the Christmas nativity. So when you're visiting the Italian city select the perfect nativity figurine for your taste.

Seattle, USA
One of Seattle's main attractions is the Space Needle – after exploring the Needle, head to SpaceBase, the gift shop within the complex for the perfect souvenir to suit your family's taste.

Moscow, Russia
The Russian Matryoshka Dolls, where each individual doll magically fits inside a larger doll, is the number one souvenir for Russia. However these days, many artists have abandoned the traditional designs for a multitude of more creative patterns. Have fun browsing through the souvenir shops for the doll that most appeals to you.

Cairo, Egypt
While your dreams of being a Pharaoh may not happen; you could instead have a cartouche pendent made with your name spelt in hieroglyphs while holidaying in Cairo.

Lyndon Barnett

Guided by curiosity and a sense of adventure, Lyndon travelled independently to 69 countries on six continents. As such, travel is Lyndon's only addiction. He enjoys with equal measure - scaling the peaks of a South American mountain at altitude, attending opera in a European Opera House or hunting for a bargain in an Asian market.