No Need To Be A Plane Jane – Beauty Tips For Jet Setters

2 April 2015
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Despite its wonderful benefits, travel can take a toll on your face and body. Plane cabins can take the life from your skin and, when all your stuff is packed away, it is easy to neglect your usual beauty and grooming routines.

At the recent Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival, Priceline's expert team were on hand to offer helpful travelling beauty and grooming tips. They also recommended some products to keep you pretty and fresh as a daisy while you're on the go.

About face!

Rae Morris, Priceline Makeup Director, travels frequently for work and is often on long haul flights. Here are some of her travel beauty tips:

  • Take simple, compact makeup that can achieve the most without having to lug around a whole lot in your handbag.
  • Carry a cheek stain that can be used on the lips – Revlon have some great ones.
 Brighten up those lips and cheeks with Revlon's Baby Stick (Credit:
  • Use eye drops to cure dry eyes throughout flights.
  • Conceal eye redness by using a white eye pencil on the inner eye.
  • Keep a water spray to give your skin a glow after having the life sucked out of it. Then use Models Prefer Soft Touch Mineral Powder for an instant glow and a Jess Hart Illuminating Highlighter in natural pearl for an even tone.
 Fake a good night's sleep with Models Prefer soft Touch Mineral Powder (Credit:
  • Load up your lips, hands and feet in Lansinoh cream (yes nipple cream!) .
  • Apply mascara just before landing to open up the eyes.

Luscious locks

Kenneth Stoddart, Priceline Hair Director, offers some handy hair tips:

  • Hair is always flat after a long-haul flight because the cabin dehydrates it. I always recommend using a moisture treatment, such as BB cream, on hair for 10–15 minutes a few days before you travel to ensure its hydrated and healthy.
  • If you have long hair, tie it up in a top bun during flights to keep it compact, then take it out and shake it 30 minutes before landing to add volume.
  • Dry shampoo is also a great travel product as it pumps up the volume – I love the Batiste products as they have different versions for different hair colours.
 Transform your limp aeroplane hair with Batiste (Credit:

Other travel treasures

There are some other great handbag-sized products that are perfect for fitting into a handbag. Try Antipodes Minis – these pocket-sized products are perfect for rejuvenating and moisturising your skin. Also the mini-sizes of Dove anti-perspirant and Listerine mouthwash will keep you fresh on the road.

 Keep your skin nourished mid-flight with these little gems (Credit:

So there's no need to put up with the red eyes, parched skin and drab hair from travelling – simply follow these tips and you'll maintain your luscious beauty whenever you're globe hopping.

Visit your local Flight Centre or call 131 600 for more advice and the latest travel deals.

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