Please 'Ex-Plane' - Your Guide To Travel Terms & Questions Answered

16 March 2015
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While travel  can be a fun and exciting adventure, there are  often travel terms and questions that cause confusion. In our March edition of Flight Guide we added a new column dedicated to all these wonderful and weird travel questions - or as we call it 'Please Ex-Plane'.

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Q. What is seat pitch?

Seat pitch is a measurement designating the amount of space between seats on a plane, train or bus. In simpler terms, it tells you how much space there's going to be between your seat and the seat in front of you. It's often thought of as the distance in inches that your knees have, but seat pitch is actually a measure of distance between the back of your seat to the back of the seat in front of you. For economy class, 31-32" is the general seat pitch on majority of carriers.

Q. What is a code-share flight?

Code-share refers to when two or more airlines share the same flight number. A seat can be purchased from either carrier, but the flight will be operated by one airline. For example Virgin Australia and Delta code-share on flights between Brisbane  and  Los Angeles. Virgin Australia will operate the flight, but each airline has their own flight number.

Q. What are the cheapest days to book a flight?

This depends on the day and time of year travelling. If travelling during peak holiday periods (such as Christmas or long weekends) it will generally be more expansive as the demand for seats are high. Look for non peak periods and travel middle of day where possible. Days offering lower fares are generally Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday afternoon.

Q. Why do I need travel insurance for a domestic flight?

Travel insurance is always recommended to safe guard against sickness and other unforeseen circumstances. While each policy can differ slightly, often items such as lost baggage and rental car excess can be covered giving peace of mind and protection domestically.

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