Pro Packing Tips For Inflight Essentials

26 March 2016
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Sydney-based Tara Whiteman (also known as her online alter ego, Tara Milk Tea) showcases her travel adventures on her popular Instagram account @taramilktea, visiting Tokyo, New York City and Dubai already this year. As an avid and frequent traveller, she shares what always goes into her hand luggage.

 Socks are a staple item in Tara's carry-on. (Image: Tara Whiteman)

Eye mask & ear plugs

Blocking out light and sound makes falling asleep much easier, at least for me! I always have an eye mask and ear plugs handy in my bag. Most airlines have these available for free or for purchase if you just ask.

Neck pillow

Yep, I’m one of those people that walks around the airport with a u-shaped pillow around their neck. I like to have the cushiony type, but if you can’t be bothered with that because it takes up too much space, you can always get a blow-up one, which can be easily stowed in your bag!

 The essentials for a beach holiday! (Image: Tara Whiteman)


This might just be a personal thing, but I find that airplanes can be quite cold. I like to take off my shoes, which are usually sandals, so I pack a pair of comfy socks to make the journey more comfortable.


Investing in some noise-cancelling headphones enhances your inflight entertainment, as it can be quite loud sometimes! They are also 100 times better than the complimentary ones you get in economy.

 Packing is all part of the process. (Image: Tara Whiteman)

Change of clothes

After a long-haul flight of 12 hours, I tend to feel quite sticky and uncomfortable. So, I always pack a change of clothes, which I can change into after the flight - you can’t always guarantee that your hotel is nearby for you to freshen up.

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 Always check the weather! (Image: Tara Whiteman)

Toothbrush, small toothpaste & mints

After falling asleep uncomfortably for several hours, you can get that groggy feeling when you wake up, which sometimes comes with morning breath. Just like you would brush your teeth after waking up at home, I like to do so on the plane too! I always pack a toothbrush and small toothpaste to freshen my breath, because it’s just gross to have morning breath around anyone! Also mints or gum help after meals, so I keep these in my bag as well.

 Where to next? (Image: Tara Whiteman)

Small moisturiser or lip balm

Another essential for keeping fresh as my skin tends to get quite dry up in the air.

Wet wipes

And another for travelling in general. Especially after all that street food you’ve been eating, with no washroom in sight!

Travel wallet

And the most important thing, the carry-all wallet for passports, change, boarding passes, itinerary etc etc. A must-have if anything!

So those are my main bits and bobs for my carry-on. What else would you bring?

Tara Whiteman is a design and travel creative from Sydney, Australia who has travelled to 14 different countries. Her work is dedicated to documenting her daily lifestyle as her online persona, Tara Milk Tea. This mostly includes her latest travel adventures, showcased through food, places and people. Her images are usually portrayed through a kaleidoscope of colour, as she seeks out the most beautiful and brightest places around the world.

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