Pro Tips For Picture-Perfect Holiday Photos

2 April 2016
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Sydney-based Tara Whiteman (also known as her online alter ego, Tara Milk Tea) showcases her travel adventures on her popular Instagram account @taramilktea, visiting Tokyo, New York City and Dubai already this year. As an avid and frequent traveller, this creative shares her tips for Insta-worthy, picture-perfect holiday photos.

 Fushimi Inari-taisha shrine in Kyoto. (Image: Tara Whiteman)

Change up your portrait pics

My number-one tip to make your holiday photos picture perfect is to take all your portraits differently. Make them fun!
I mean, it’s great to have that family/group/solo photo, standing straight in front of each and every landmark you come across, but what happens to those hundreds of photos that look pretty much the same afterwards? Do they end up on your computer in an album that you might look at every decade? Are they truly moments you want to frame a hundred times over?

If yes, then keep doing what you’re doing. I’m not throwing shade at these ‘tourist’ shots, as I also love to take these for keepsakes. But changing up each portrait shot makes making memories so much more fun!

 Tokyo Disneyland (Image: Tara Whiteman)

Do something different

Dance in front of the Eiffel Tower. Look through the telescope at Top of the Rock in New York City. Wear a kimono and walk through a bamboo forest in Japan. And make sure a trusty friend, guide or stranger can snap away if you want to keep the memory!

Even though it’s not necessarily ‘candid’, you’ll find that it does end up being so, because you’ll probably fall in love with the in-between laughter shot that was taken! People might look at you weirdly (this has happened to me far too often), but they probably just wish they’re dancing in their photos too!

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 A kimono-clad Tara in Japan. (Image: Tara Whiteman)

Do something silly and document it

 Take a photo of yourself eating some local food. The local food is sauerkraut? Or takoyaki? Take a really unflattering eating-photo because you’ll remember those! Dress up in the local clothing if it’s appropriate. Wear a sari or a kimono! Remember that you’ll probably only see that epic building you’ve been waiting to see your whole life once, so make it a memory to last a lifetime.
 Mount Fuji, Japan. (Image: Tara Whiteman)

Tara Whiteman is a design and travel creative from Sydney, Australia who has travelled to 14 different countries. Her work is dedicated to documenting her daily lifestyle as her online persona, Tara Milk Tea. This mostly includes her latest travel adventures, showcased through food, places and people. Her images are usually portrayed through a kaleidoscope of colour, as she seeks out the most beautiful and brightest places around the world.

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