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4 July 2012
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Here at Flight Centre, we want everyone to enjoy their holiday. So we asked Healthwise's Kate Laird on her advice on the best snacks to enjoy while travelling.

Wandering through foreign cities, checking out the attractions and seeing the sights can leave stomachs rumbling – especially between the main meals of the day. While out and about, it’s really easy to grab a chocolate bar or those ever so tempting packet of chips – but at Healthwise, we think your body will reward you for enjoying healthy snacks while travelling.

Essentially snacks give your body the fuel it needs to keep going and limits your chances of over eating at lunch or dinner. There are heaps of tasty snacks you could enjoy offered by overseas countries – especially when many destination present incredibly fresh local produce.

 Delicious Market Fresh Fruit

Here are my top five travelling snacks.

Fresh Fruit
The fruit stands in local markets, especially in South-east Asia and the Pacific offer everything from standard everyday fruits to highly exotic varieties. It doesn’t matter which fruit you pick – just dig in and enjoy the freshness.

Hummus with Celery and Carrot
Hummus is a Middle Eastern delicacy that’s super high in protein. Grab a tub from the supermarket and dig in with celery and carrot stick. Feel free to throw a falafel in also.

Salsa with Pita
Low in fat, a tomato based salsa tastes sensational with pita bread - maybe combine with avocado and et voilà a great in between snack.

The perennial favourite of hikers and mountain climbers, nuts are generally high in protein and are stacked with good fats. My preferred nut is the almond. Pre-packaged trail mixes - with nuts, dried fruit and seeds are also great.

Cheese and grapes
Food of the Gods - many countries around the world produce their own type of cheese – so in moderation, cheese is a terrific source of calcium and when combined with grapes makes a delicious snack.

Kate Laird is the General Manager of Healthwise. For more information regarding health, nutrition and training contact Healthwise.

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