Get the most from a round-the-world airfare

12 January 2012
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Round-the-world airfares are a great option if you’re planning on taking off for a global adventure in 2012.

 Fly Around The World

There is literally a world of options when it comes to round-the-world airfares. Flight Centre's Airfare Experts have compiled some hints to help you if you’re thinking of taking off from Australia to Zambia and everywhere in between.

If you're looking for some inspiration on which round-the-world journey to take have a look at our Designer Traveller 4 stop round-the-world flight. This fare includes stops in Bangkok, Paris, New York and Los Angeles.

Want to tick a few more cities off your list? Try our 7 City Seeker round-the-world flight. This flight will see you departing Australia then on to Bangkok, Helsinki, London, New York, Los Angeles and Honolulu and back in to an Australian city!

Now, down to the tricks of the trade...

1) Ask an expert to build an itinerary

Seek advice from Flight Centre's Airfare Experts if you're not able to find the round-the-world itinerary to suit your needs and budget on-the-shelf or neatly packaged online. Experts can build a tailored itinerary to suit your individual needs, using a combination of traditional airlines, new age and low cost carriers (LCCs).

2) Overland journeys

Many travellers like to include overland legs in their round-the-world itineraries. This may include car, coach or rail travel within a particular country or region. Rather than waste time and money by backtracking to your original destination to catch the next flight in your round-the-world journey, ask your agent to tailor an itinerary that allows you to fly in to one city and out of another.

3) Side trips

If you plan to travel extensively within a particular region, Europe for example, use Low Cost Carriers (LCCs) for side trips. This option is ideal if you are backpacking or have a base to park your luggage prior to taking side trips, as you can avoid LCCs hefty checked luggage fees.


Sam Locke

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