Why Instagrammer Tara Whiteman Books With A Travel Agent

9 April 2016
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Sydney-based Tara Whiteman (also known by her online alter ego, Tara Milk Tea) showcases her travel adventures on her popular Instagram account @taramilktea, visiting Tokyo, New York City and Dubai already this year. As an avid and frequent traveller, Tara explain why she books her trips with a travel agent.

 Passport. Tickets. Pack your bags, it's trip time! (Image: Tara Whiteman)

Although the internet allows you to do everything these days, having a personal travel agent makes planning and booking your trip so much easier. From finding you the lowest rate to getting you a destination SIM card and reminding you when and where you need to get a visa, booking through a travel agent just gives you peace of mind.

My agent, Lynda, has booked three trips for me in the past two years. She’s awesome. The last trip I booked through her was my trip to the States in January with two of my best friends. I remember just tossing her some cities and rough dates for my trip via email, and she was able to get back to me within a day with a rough itinerary and price - for seven connecting flights!

 Dreaming and planning and booking travel. (Image: Tara Whiteman)

We also booked our flights within a month of leaving, which is pretty last minute for a month-long trip, but she was still able to get everything together for us in time, was able to find us the lowest fare, and gave us some tips and guides on each city that we were visiting!

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My favourite part of the whole process is always picking up the itinerary from the Flight Centre store. It makes you realise that you’re actually about to go somewhere!

Lynda handed us a fat travel wallet each, containing everything we needed from flight tickets to travel insurance, car transfers, hotels,  information regarding changes to customs, and handy tips that she suggested we read up on about our destination cities.

 Travel professionals take the hassle out of booking your dream trip. (Image: Tara Whiteman)

I find using a travel agent makes travelling a lot less daunting when you have a professional to rely on. Her contact details were also on everything she gave us, so if there were any issues that came up (which there weren’t), we could get in touch real quick!

Tara Whiteman is a design and travel creative from Sydney, Australia who has travelled to 14 different countries. Her work is dedicated to documenting her daily lifestyle as her online persona, Tara Milk Tea. This mostly includes her latest travel adventures, showcased through food, places and people. Her images are usually portrayed through a kaleidoscope of colour, as she seeks out the most beautiful and brightest places around the world.

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