Flight Centre has a range of specialist teams who are responsible for different areas. For all general enquiries, please contact 133 133. Otherwise, to make sure your enquiry is handled in a timely manner, please contact the correct Flight Centre team from the menu below.

Coronavirus update for customers

For the most up-to-date information in relation to coronavirus and travel, please click here

Travel expert

To speak to a travel expert, make a new booking or enquiry call 133 133

In-store booking

Contact the store where you made your booking. Use our store finder for contact information.

Emergency Global Assistance

If you are calling outside your store's standard operating hours, and are travelling in the next 48 hours, please contact our Emergency Assistance team: 1300 131 600 or if outside of Australia +61 7 3170 7840

Online Flight booking

To change a flight booking made on our website call 1300 733 867

If calling outside of Australia: + 61 7 3083 6596

Monday to Friday: 7:00am - 10:00pm

Saturday to Sunday: 7.00am to 8.00pm

Online Cruise booking

To change a cruise booking made on our website please reply to us via your booking confirmation.

If urgent or you are travelling within 5 days please call: 1300 024 847

Monday to Sunday: 8am - 3pm AEST

Online Accommodation booking

To change an accommodation booking made on our website call 1800 005 125

If calling outside of Australia: + 61 7 3083 6453

Monday to Friday: 7:00am - 10:00pm

Saturday to Sunday: 7.00am to 8.00pm

Travel Expert

To speak to a travel expert, make a new booking or enquiry call 133 133

Round the world experts

Luxury experts

Cruise experts

Business travel experts

Group travel experts

1300 927 587

Monday to Friday 8:00am - 5:30pm

Company enquiries

For all enquiries not related to travel, please contact our global head office based in Brisbane

Mail address: Level 13, 275 Grey St, South Brisbane, QLD, 4101 AUS

Charity requests


Visit our careers website

Hotel provider enquiries

Please contact us on hotels@flightcentre.com.au

Tour operator enquiries

Please contact us on tour_operators@flightcentre.com.au

Media enquiries

Please contact us on media@flightcentre.com

Customer feedback

Please call our Customer Relations Department if you have a compliment, suggestion or complaint that is non-urgent or for any unresolved issues.

Call 1800 117 747 (Monday to Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm)

Email: customer.relations@flightcentre.com.au

Mental Health Support

We know being separated from loved ones, health anxiety and the uncertainty of our domestic borders can be a stressful experience. If you or anyone you know needs mental health support:

General Online Booking FAQ's

Booking Online

  • Check your email account for an itinerary, including spam/junk mail
  • Please call Website Customer Support on 1300 733 867 for assistance
  • Pets cannot be booked online.
  • Not all airlines allow pets to travel on their aircraft, please contact our partner Dogtainers for more information or read more here.

Gift Cards are unable to be redeemed online at this stage. Please call our reservations team on 133 133 or visit your local store to book.

Yes. It must be exactly as per your passport. Please do not use an alias, nickname or abbreviation as this can result in you being denied boarding by the airline.

No - unaccompanied minors cannot be booked through our website as there is paperwork that needs to be completed. After you have booked your child to travel, you can call our team on 1300 733 867 and ask for them to add this request onto your booking; there will be a fee for doing so that varies for each airline.

If you'd like to know more about the fees and book over the phone, please contact our reservations department on 133 133.

My Booking

Absolutely! For online booking change and cancellations requests, please call our Customer care team on 1300 733 867 or if outside Australia +61 7 3170 7886. The below Flight Centre fees will apply in addition to any Airline/Supplier fees.

Flight Centre Change fees:Domestic or Trans-Tasman: $30 per person, per bookingInternational: $75 per person, per booking

Flight Centre Cancellation fees:Domestic or Trans-Tasman: $50 per person, per bookingInternational: $300 per person, per booking

It depends on the type of ticket you purchased. Some tickets are more restrictive than others and therefore don't allow name changes and some do allow changes but most of the time for a fee. It's best to give our Website Customer Support team a call on 1300 733 867 to discuss this further. Please also see 'Can I change or cancel my booking' to check the minimum Flight Centre fees that will apply when you make any change to your booking.

Oh no! We understand these times can be stressful and will do our best to assist you. In the event of a serious illness that prevents travel, or death of an immediate family member we can apply to the Airline for a refund. The Airline will require documentation (a comprehensive note from your doctor explaining your illness OR a Death Certificate) and will assess your claim from there.

Please call us on 1300 733 867 and we’ll provide you with an email address to send your documents through to.

You can, but there will be a fee. See 'Can I change or cancel my booking?' for the breakdown of our Flight Centre fees that will be charged in addition to the airline/supplier fees. Then pick up the phone and give us a call on 1300 733 867 because the extra 'n' may cause you to be denied boarding, yikes!

Oh no, that’s quite the mix up! If this has happened, it'’s best to call our Customer Care team on 1300 733 867 as soon as possible. Some airfares do not allow changes to the flight routing, but we'll see what options are available to you. In the event that they do allow changes, please refer to 'Can I change or cancel my booking?' for the minimum Flight Centre fees that will apply.

  • Please refer to the fare conditions provided on your itinerary or call Website Customer Support on 1300 733 867.
  • Refunds that have been applied for with the airlines have an estimated 8-12 week processing time and will be refunded to the original payment method.

We're so sorry! If your flight was booked online, we have a team who can seek out alternative options with the Airline. Please call Website Customer Support on 1300 733 867 to discuss what we can do.

TigerAir and Jetstar (except Business Class Max Bundle) fares are non-refundable. You may be able to change your flights to another day (fees will apply). Please contact our Website Customer Support team on 1300 733 867 if you would like to do this.

We take privacy and security of your booking very seriously. Due to privacy laws, Flight Centre Travel Group can only discuss details or make changes/cancellations to a booking with a listed traveller, credit card holder or other authorised person.

Please refer to Flight Centre Travel Group's Privacy Policy.

Unfortunately we're not able to book pets online. If you haven't yet made a booking, please call our 24/7 Reservations Team on 133 133 and they'd be more than happy to book you both in.

Alternatively, if you already have an existing booking, please call the Airline directly to get that precious pooch his seat on the plane!

Wow, congratulations! The answer is yes, you'll just need to call our Website Customer Support team on 1300 733 867 and they’ll take care of this for you. Please keep in mind that some airlines will charge a fee to add an infant to your booking. Safe travels little baby!

Travel Information

For Domestic Travel, you’ll need one of the following:

  • A valid passport
  • An Australian driver’s license
  • Photo ID issued by an Australian State Government or the Australian Federal Government eg 18+ Card  

(If you don't have any of these, please go to the Airline's website for further information on identification)

For International Travel, you'll need the following:

  • A passport with at least 6 months validity from your scheduled return date
  • Any necessary Visa items (check https://www.smartraveller.gov.au/ for all visa information)

For more information on Visas please click here

All international travel including New Zealand requires a Passport with a minimum of 6 months validity from the date of your arrive back into Australia.

For more information on Passports please click here.

Well that depends on where you’re off to! The best thing to do is check the Smartraveller website.  This site will have all of the information you need if you're an Australian Passport holder, if you're not an Australian Passport holder, or are unsure of the terms of your dual citizenship – contact your Consulate/Embassy to check your specific requirements.

We all do - but you're one step ahead of the game because you’re trying to do something about it! It's paid off too, because you absolutely can check-in online! Well that's providing you're not an infant (if you are, you're a genius!), child, passenger requiring special assistance or an unaccompanied minor. If that’s you, make sure you're at the airport an additional hour earlier than normally required to check-in, hopefully you'll skip the queue due to being early!

As for everyone else, you can use your Airline reference (see 'I'm leaving tomorrow and want to check that the flight is leaving as scheduled, how do I do this?' if you're unsure how to find this) and go to the Airline's website (Google it!) and select Online Check-in. Then follow the prompts and you’ll never wait in line again! At least... not an airport check-in counter line.

Should your flight schedule change we will notify you via email or call the contact person listed in the booking, so there is no need to contact us to reconfirm your flights.

Woah, it's ok! We would have sent the itinerary to the email address you entered when making your booking. If it's not in your Inbox or Junk folder, just call us on 1300 733 867 and we'll sort the rest out!

You're so organised...and we love that! Now, the easiest way to do this is directly through the Airline's website, in their ‘Manage my booking' section. You'll need to make sure you have your Airline Reference available which is located on your itinerary as per below:

However, if for some reason this isn't working; please do not hesitate to call or Website Customer Support team on 1300 733 867 and they’ll reconfirm the details for you.

  • For general information on airline baggage read more.
  • To confirm the baggage allowance and dimensions for your particular flight please refer to the airlines website detailed information.

Well that’s easy – all you have to do is go to the Airline's website that you're travelling with and use the Airline reference located on your itinerary to 'manage your booking'. From there you should be able to see your baggage allowance or purchase extra if necessary. If you have any problems, you can call us on 1300 733 867 and we can check things over. No shoe shall be left behind!

Wow your job sounds amazing! You were sent an invoice in the original email with your itinerary, however if you no longer have this (or if it's incorrect) you can call our Website Customer Support team on 1300 733 867 and we can arrange a copy.

To file a claim, please send an email screen shots of the cheaper flights you found to our team at pricedropprotection@flightcentre.com.au

Remember the price you find must be from an airline direct or an ATAS accredited travel retailer.

To redeem online go to: NetBank > Awards Website > Redeem Travel

Read more about the Commbank Awards Program: https://www.commbank.com.au/personal/credit-cards/awards/program.html

NetBank: https://www.my.commbank.com.au/netbank/Logon/Logon.aspx?dl=X863MRR41E

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