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European Rivers Cruises

Experience the majesty of Europe's rivers with a European river cruise. Drop anchor at historic cities complete with cobblestone streets, mesmerising architecture and delicious continental cuisine.
  • Beautiful Budapest
  • Picturesque Prague
  • Explore Europe by river cruising
  • Amsterdam waterways


Beautiful Budapest

Cruises travelling to European Rivers

19-Dec-2014 14 nights Caribbean
Eastern and Western Caribbean Collector Holiday »
26-Dec-2014 7 nights Caribbean
Western Caribbean Holiday »
26-Dec-2014 17 nights Caribbean
Western Caribbean & Canal Sunfarer Holiday »
17-Feb-2015 48 nights Asia-Middle East-Europe-Mediterranean-Africa
Passage To The Far East »
17-Feb-2015 49 nights Asia-Middle East-Europe-Mediterranean-Africa
Passage to the Far East »
03-Mar-2015 35 nights Asia-Middle East-Europe-Mediterranean-Africa
Passage To The Far East »
11-Mar-2015 46 nights Oceania-Americas-Pacific
Sydney to New York »
12-Mar-2015 Other Transatlantic-Europe
Grand Mediterranean Voyage »
19-Mar-2015 46 nights Oceania-Transatlantic-Americas-Pacific
Auckland to Southampton »
19-Mar-2015 38 nights Oceania-Americas-Pacific
Auckland to New York »

Highlights of European Rivers

Serenity is at the heart of river cruising in Europe. There's a shoreside whirl of medieval cites – with their sprawling history and contemporary romance – and multiple cultures and cuisines. Aboard a riverboat though, the world is tranquil. River cruising provides the perfect opportunity to blend sights and respite.

Popular Rivers

Featured European Rivers Ports

Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria »

The epitome of European elegance, Vienna is a grand city steeped in culture and tradition. With opulent palaces and picturesque gardens, you'll be performing a Viennese Waltz through the city's significant attractions.


Amsterdam »

No other city in the world is as relaxed and as quirky as Amsterdam. Though it's mainly known for its clogs, red lights and reefer, Amsterdam's serene beauty, delightful people and lively laneways are the real heart and soul of the city.

Rotterdam, Holland

Rotterdam, Holland »

Europe is more than just quaint towns with cobblestone streets. Boasting Europe's largest port, Rotterdam proudly embraces futuristic architecture and progressive attitudes.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic »

Prague is a true medieval city and one of Europe's most touted destinations. From stone bridges, grand museums and colourful facades, Prague's dramatic architectural feast is just one of the many beloved aspects of this charming city.

Nuremberg, Germany

Nuremberg, Germany »

Nuremberg is a charming Bavarian city that effortlessly blends medieval with modern. This German gem boasts quaint Tudor houses, a distinguished castle and comes alive during its famed Christmas Markets.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary »

Rich with romance and culture, Budapest is often praised as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Found along the pretty Danube River, the sprawling city enjoys natural beauty, world heritage sites and a buzzing night life.

Moscow, Russia

Moscow, Russia »

Once the capital of the Soviet Union and as such hidden behind an iron curtain, Moscow has now abandoned secrecy to reveal a captivating European city steeped in history and cultural significance.


European river cruises operate from Spring to Autumn, so the weather will change with the seasons. Cruises also run from Portugal in the South, where temperatures in mid summer reach the 80's to Russia
In the north where the daytime temperature is around 50f/10c at the start of the season and rises to the high 60's by mid summer.

Cruise Season

Cruises generally commence in Spring (March) and the main season ends in September/October, however a limited number of cruises are available up to Christmas and New Year. The Russian season is shorter and runs from April to October.

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