About Round the World Flights

What is a Round the World Flight?

The beauty of a Round the World ticket is that it takes you, well, around the world! With the endless sights, cultures, cuisines and landscapes to discover across the globe, why limit yourself to a destination or two when you can go further and see more? One of the best things about a Round the World fare is that it breaks up long-haul journeys by adding stops as you go, all without the hassle of booking individual flights. A personalised Round the World ticket could see you ticking several must-see cities off your travel wish list in one fell swoop, making you feeling very much the international jet-setter as you cross time zones and continents at a whim and broaden your horizons along the way.

Round the World Airfare Rules

The only condition of a Round the World ticket is that you must travel in one direction (east to west or west to east) and return to your country of origin. Australian travellers generally kick off their journey in Asia or the United States before exploring European highlights such as London, Paris, Berlin and beyond, and moving onto Asia or the United States (depending on where they started) before heading home again. The best way to go about organising a Round the World journey is by picking the places you want to visit, deciding how long you would like to spend at each destination and letting your Flight Centre Round the World expert put all the pieces of the puzzle together for you by sourcing cheap flights, great deals on hotels, added tours, car hire, travel insurance and more.

Round the World Fare Types

There are a few different types of Round the World tickets for you to consider, depending on your travel needs. Individual airlines often present Round the World fares based on the routes they travel. For example, Finnair’s multi-stop journey could see you leave Sydney for Singapore, onto Helsinki, Paris, New York, Los Angeles and back to Sydney. The only general rule for Round the World fares offered by airlines is that you must include a stopover at their central hub (e.g. Helsinki for Finnair), while partner airlines may see you through the remainder of your journey. Other Round the World options are presented by oneworld, Star Alliance, and SkyTeam, which are priced based on the number of miles travelled as well as cabin class, and can vary anywhere from three to 15 stops.


Here is a small sample of our available fares. Call and tailor your around the world flight with us today.

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Here is a small sample of our available fares. Call and tailor your around the world flight with us today.

Class of Travel

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Preparing for your Flight

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Round the World Flights


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