Africa Holidays

African heartland is the home of ancient humans. Great civilisations have risen and fallen here: they stocked the landscapes with fascinating ruins and intriguing remnants. The world's longest river, The Nile, wanders more than 6,500 kilometres from Egypt to Burundi. Tanzania's Mount Kilimanjaro is the world's tallest free-standing mountain. You'll find vast savannah plains and great Saharan dunes. From bustling medinas and living medieval cities in the north, to the cosmopolitan variety at the southern tip in Cape Town, Africa spans 8,000 kilometres and reaches a similar distance east to west. Read more...

Africa Holidays
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A landscape of unforgettable sweeping grandeur and delight

The continent's patchwork of peoples carve out homes in Equatorial jungles, traditional villages, modern cities or continue their ageless nomadic customs. Often Africa is presented as a cultural conglomerate but it's strikingly varied. There are 54 nations here.

Africa: Mount KilimanjaroMount Kilimanjaro

The big game really is big – it matches the grandeur of the landscape it traverses, blends with and hunts in. Kenya is the hotspot for tracking the Big Five. If you're not a fan of rugged interior adventure, Africa is king of 'glamping'. Honeymooners like to flock offshore to the paradise-like Mauritius but wherever you find yourself on an African holiday, chances are you'll be back for more.

Africa: LionsKing of the Jungle

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