Mt Kinabalu Trek, 2 Days

Kota Kinabalu

HIGHLIGHTS: Kota Kinabalu - Mount Kinabalu Trek Get ready for an amazing 2-day trekking adventure in which you will climb Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia. Be physically prepared to push your limits and you will be rewarded by spectacular views of the surroundings from the summit at 4095 meters. Embark on this 2-day tropical adventure and get the opportunity to climb the highest mountain of South East Asia - Mt Kinabalu - whose summit stands at an impressive 4,095 metres. Fortunately, Mt Kinabalu is one of the easiest peaks in the world to conquer, but do prepare to be physically fit before your trip. On day 2 you will wake up very early to do the strenuous climb to the summit by torchlight. The altitude will make things more difficult but after 3 hours you should reach the summit's granite plateau, just in time for a beautiful sunrise. You will be back to Laban Rata for breakfast and then trek back to the lower zones where vegetation is abundant. Return to Kota Kinabalu after this great achievement Day 1 - Pick up in Kota Kinabalu, trek up to Mountain Guesthouse. Pick up from your hotel lobby at 06:30am and transfer to Kinabalu Park. Upon arrival, meet your mountain guide at Sabah Park Registration office and then continue to the Power Station with a coach (approx 15 minutes) for the climb beginning. Start the ascent to Laban Rata with your packed lunch. A nice winding path up the mountain takes you through various vegetation zones, such as montane oak, rhododendrons and conifer forests. After 4 to 6 hours of trekking, you will arrive at your guesthouse in Laban Rata (3550 metres). Check-in at the Mountain Guesthouse. Enjoy a delicious dinner while taking in the spectacular mountain landscape around you. Free time for the rest of the evening. Go to sleep early as your night will be short. Day 2 - Climb to summit and see sunrise - back to Kota Kinabalu. Early wake up at 2:00am and starting of the ascent to the summit by torchlight. The climb will take about 3 hours. Witness the beautiful sunrise from the summit. Way down to Laban Rata Guesthouse for your breakfast, then to the Power Station. Transfer to Park HQ and lunch at park's restaurant. Get your certificate of great achievement before transferring back to your hotel in Kota Kinabalu.

Departing18 February 2015 -30 March 2016.

2 days
FROM $907*
2 days FROM $907*

Wild Ones of Borneo

Borneo, Malaysia

Day 1: Kota KinabaluArrive in Kota Kinabalu (the cool kids call it KK for short) and get yourself acquainted with a slice of the Malaysian hinterlands. Dig art? Check out the Sabah Museum. Dig animals? There’s an epic aquarium. Dig nature? Take a trek up Signal Hill for the best views in the house.Day 2-3: Limbang – Iban LonghouseJump aboard a longboat and make waves for Limbang and the Mulu Forest. Channel your inner warrior (tribal make-up optional). Say ‘Selamat!’ to your local Iban host family – they’ll be putting you up for the night. But mind your manners, they have a history of headhunting.Meals IncludedBreakfastlunchdinnerDay 4: Headhunters Trail – Camp 5It’s about to get real. By real we mean physical and by physical we mean you’re gonna walk a lot. Trek the epic Kayan Warrior trail (they’re the ones wearing the freaky masks) and hike to Melinau Gorge. Bunk down on a hut floor for the night. Don’t expect luxury – you’re in the jungle, damn it.Meals IncludedBreakfastlunchdinnerDay 5-6: Mulu National ParkCruise further down river and check out the local caves. We recommend Deer Cave, but not because of the deer. At dusk, witness the crazy mass exodus of three million bats as they take to the night. Equal parts awesome and terrifying. Suggestion to management – rename ‘Bat Cave’.Meals IncludedBreakfastlunchDay 7-9: KuchingBoard a jet plane to Kuching and soak up the Sarawak river vibes. Get cosy with some crazy cool creatures at Bako National Park. Got time to spare? Spend an afternoon exploring Fort Margherita, a huge English-style castle. Maybe even try Tuak, the local rice wine, if you dare. Geckos, out.Meals IncludedBreakfast

DepartingFrom 30-Jun-2015 to 20-Jan-2016

9 days
FROM $1,595*
9 days FROM $1,595*

Sabah - the Greatest Land You've Never Heard of

Borneo, Malaysia

Day 1: Kota KinabaluArrive in Kota Kinabalu. It’s the capital of Sabah state and translates literally to ‘City of the Revered Place of the Dead’. Relax though – no zombies here. Take some time to explore this balmy city and perhaps visit Sabah Museum and the State Mosque. Stroll up Signal Hill to admire the city’s bustle from afar.Day 2: SepilokSwing past the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre and meet the world’s cutest red heads. Watch them eating bananas while hanging upside down like it ain’t no thang. Feel immensely jealous. Stop in at the Sandakan War Memorial, located on the original site of a Prisoner of War camp to learn about the horrific World War 2 Death Marches. Spend the night at a lodge in Sepilok.Day 3-4: Kinabatangan RiverHead overland to an area known as Sukau and stop by the MESCOT Eco-Tourism project and hear about local conservation initiatives. Once you’re down with the local wildlife, snuggle down for a sleepover in an authentic bush camp hut – pillow fights optional but recommended. Head out on a dusk boat ride along the Kinabatangan River, keeping an eye out for wild orangutans, Proboscis monkeys (them funny fellas with the big noses) and maybe even elephants.Meals IncludedBreakfastlunchdinnerDay 5: MesilauDrive on to Kudasang for some hang time at the Mesilau Nature Resort. It’s home to 4500 species of plants, 289 species of birds and 290 butterflies. Numbers may be boring, but that’s pretty cool.Meals IncludedBreakfastdinnerDay 6-7: Mt KinabaluSpend the next two tramping up and down South East Asia’s highest point. Mt. Kinabalu taps out at 4,095 meters (compared to Everest’s 8,848m). We promise you’ll remember – sometimes for the effort, mostly for the scenery – every single metre. You may even see the world’s biggest (and arguably, smelliest) flower – the Rafflesia. Reach the summit early morning on Day 2 and catch an epic sunrise.Meals IncludedBreakfastlunchdinnerDay 8-10: Kota KinabaluHead to the Poring Hot Springs and reward your muscles with a good soaking. Take a walk amongst the treetops or visit a tropical garden. You’ve got two nights to hang by the seaside here… laze by the pool, hire a canoe for an ocean paddle or sign up for a scuba diving trip out to nearby islands. Oh yeeeahhh. Then it’s bye-bye Borneo.Meals IncludedBreakfastlunchdinner

DepartingFrom 21-Jun-2015 to 27-Dec-2016

10 days
FROM $1,705*
10 days FROM $1,705*

Real Food Adventure - Malaysia


Days 1-2 Kuala LumpurMalaysian food has been heavily influenced by centuries of migration and trade. Chinese, India, Portuguese, Dutch and the native Malay - Peranakan. No where is that more evident than in Kuala Lumpur. If you arrive early, grab a map and talk to the hotel staff about things to do in KL. Combine the markets of Chinatown, Indian food and traditional Malay arts and you have the heart of Kuala Lumpur. You might be tempted to head out of town to visit the famous Batu Caves or the Orang Asli Museum and the evening is best spent at the night market sampling the many different cuisines on offer and bargain hunting amongst the many stalls.Days 3-4 MelakaOnce the most important trading port of Malaysia, Melaka attracted Chinese, Indian, Dutch, Portuguese and British traders, all seeking wealth or an opportunity to control the Straits of Malacca, a vital trading route between the Indian and Pacific oceans. Today, Melaka's wealth of historical sites remind visitors of times gone by and its multicultural past is revealed in its distinctive cuisine.Day 5 Cameron HighlandsHead into Malaysia’s hill stations, where the country’s best tea is produced. Take a sampling tour around the tea plantations and be sure to try the renowned white coffee. Afterwards, indulge in an iconic Cameron Highlands steamboat dinner. Simply choose meats, seafood and fresh vegetables, then plonk them in the spicy soup simmering in the middle of the table and watch dinner cook before your eyes.Days 6-7 Malay HomestayLocated on a picturesque lake just outside of Kuala Kangsar, a stay in the traditional home of some long-time Intrepid friends offers a truly memorable cultural experience. Join your homestay hosts in the kitchen, learn about Malay dining culture and dine on a banquet of mouth-watering regional delicacies.Days 8-10 PenangPenang - Malaysia's prized island - has a beautiful coastline, wonderful cuisine and its colonial heritage is still present in amongst the modern skyscrapers that tower over Georgetown.

DepartingFrom 12-Jul-2015 to 05-Jan-2016

10 days
FROM $1,715*
10 days FROM $1,715*

Best of Malaysia


Day 1 Kuala LumpurMalaysian food has been heavily influenced by centuries of migration and trade. Chinese, India, Portuguese, Dutch and the native Malay - Peranakan. No where is that more evident than in Kuala Lumpur.Day 2 MelakaAn intriguing blend of Malay, Indian, Chinese and Portuguese cultures, Melaka has a wealth of interesting architecture, distinctive food and cultural heritage.Days 3-5 Taman Negara National ParkReportedly the world's oldest tropical rainforest, stunning Taman Negara National Park is rich in plant, bird and wildlife, has extensive jungle hiking trails and plenty of river activities.Days 6-8 Perhentian IslandsWith two to choose from, the Perhentian Islands have everything needed to make an idyllic tropical paradise - perfect beaches, gorgeous weather and turquoise waters.Day 9 Kota BharuKota Bharu is the place to immerse in Malay culture with its great architecture, fascinating museums and delectable traditional cuisine.Days 10-11 Malay HomestayLocated on a picturesque lake just outside of Kuala Kangsar, a stay in the traditional home of some long-time Intrepid friends offers a truly memorable cultural experience.Days 12-14 PenangTravel to Penang and explore historic Georgetown on a walking tour. Visit Kek Lok Si Temple and Fort Cornwallis, remains of the original British fort. Make the most of the island’s stunning beaches and incredible cuisine before this Malay journey comes to an end.

DepartingFrom 02-May-2015 to 30-Sep-2016

14 days
FROM $1,760*
14 days FROM $1,760*

Borneo – Sabah Adventure

Kota Kinabalu

Day 1 Kota KinabaluTravellers will be arriving at different times during the day so feel free to arrive at the joining point at any time as there are no planned activities. The group meeting is normally set for 6pm on the day of arrival. Please check reception for a note from your CEO. Kota Kinabalu, the capital of Sabah, is an intriguing city that was born between the wild jungles and the South China Sea. Having survived World War II bombings, KK now has a charm that can only be found in a frontier town. In your free time you can immerse yourself in history at the Sabah State Museum, visit the Monsopiad Cultural Village, home to a notorious head hunter, or explore the islands off-shore of Kota Kinabalu, excellent for swimming or snorkeling. Allow approximately USD15 for an island visit, although costs can vary depending on your negotiating skills, the time you wish to spend on the island and the number of people with whom you share a boat with.Day 2 Mt Kinabalu National Park (B)In the early morning we travel to the base of Mt Kinabalu by bus, a journey of approximately two-and-a-half hours. Mt Kinabalu is the highest mountain between the Himalayas and New Guinea. Hopefully you'll catch a glimpse of the summit, which in the afternoon is often shrouded in cloud. The huge rock monolith looms over us as a daunting reminder of the climb we are about to embark on but don't be discouraged, it's a rewarding experience! We stay at the foot of the mountain, so there's the opportunity to stretch your legs by exploring the trails around the park, check out the visitor centre or if you wish, or do an optional trip to Ranau and Poring Hot Springs. There are some beautiful nature walks around the headquarters and at Poring Hot Springs, through lowland tropical forest on well marked trails. Alternatively you can relax for the afternoon and mentally prepare yourself whilst listening to the sounds of the jungle. In the evening we have a short briefing about tomorrows climb. If you do not wish to climb you can arrange to stay at the base of the mountain.Days 3-4 Mt Kinabalu Climb (2B,2L,1D)We set off early to begin the ascent up Mt Kinabalu. It is not an easy walk, but it is incredibly rewarding, willpower being the main requirement, as it's uphill all the way! The well-marked trail is predominantly made up of steep steps that vary considerably in size. Altitude can affect anyone, no matter how fit you are, and it can certainly slow you down a fair bit. There's no rush,the key to success with altitude is to drink plenty of water, take your time and enjoy the pristine environment. We leave our main packs in storage. Carrying just an overnight pack, you pass an extraordinary variety of plant life including fungi, mosses, lichen, varieties of orchids and several types of carnivorous pitcher plant. If you a very lucky you may even see rafflesia, the worlds largest flower. The climb is 8km and usually takes between 5 and 7 hours. There are shelters along the way to stop for brief rests. We spend night 3 at Laban Rata in basic mountain huts. Laban Rata is at an altitude of 3,272m. Food and refreshments are available at Laban Rata and you can normally rent towels and a sleeping bag for a nominal fee. It's an early night in order to prepare for the final climb very early tomorrow morning! Getting to the summit (4095.2m) from Laban Rata takes 2-3 hours. If for any reason, you are separated from your group higher on the mountain, there is a thick white rope all the way to the summit. If visibility is very low it may be necessary to hold onto the rope and follow it. The rope leads all the way from the vegetation belt above Panar Laban to the summit. The weather on the summit can deteriorate very quickly, with thick mist reducing visibility to 3m, rain storms and strong winds can also occur at times. When climbing on the summit and the higher part of the mountain, it's important to have sufficient warm clothes, a headtorch, spare batteries, waterproof rain coat, food and water. During the descent we stop at our mountain hut before continuing to the park head quarters and returning to our accommodation for the night. The descent is tough on the knees and takes approximately 5-7 hours. A certificate is available to prove that you completed the climb - this can be arranged for RM10. You can for an additional charge hire a porter to carry your bag. The porters charge per weight.Days 5-6 Kinabatangan River (2B,2L,2D)We journey overland next by bus for around 6 hours to an area known as Sukau where we visit the Kinabatangan River. This is Sabah's longest river and home to an incredible variety of wildlife. We stay in the jungle and get to observe an vast array of insects, birds and animals in their native environments. Walking along jungle trails and travelling by boat along the river you regularly see king fishers, hornbills, macaque, and proboscis monkeys. Very occasionally you may get lucky and see elephants, wild boar, otters, orangutans and other reclusive species. Our accommodation tonight is in the midst of the jungle is simple but a wonderful experience, offering twin-sharing rooms with with fan and mosquito netting and attached bathroom. Please note that the overnight stays of days 5 to 8 may swap on occasions, dependent on the availability of Selingan Island accommodation.Day 7 Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre (B)A 100km journey overland takes us to Sepilok where we visit Sepilok Orangutan Centre (approximately 5 hours). We pass through primary rain forest & Sabah's arable farming areas, which are predominately palm oil & rubber plantations. Sepilok is one of the highlights of the trip where you'll get to meet the adorable 'wild men of Borneo'. Orangutans and their human like features are a truly unforgettable experience. The centre is an excellent example of active conservation, re-introducing domesticated, injured and orphaned orangutans back into the wild. You'll visit one of the feeding platforms & there's a visitor centre where you can learn more about these amazing animals. There are walking trails where you can see not only orangutans, but several species of macaque & a host of other birds & wildlife roaming freely. (Please note there is an additional camera fee at the centre) It must be remembered the reserve is primarily set up to help re-introduce orangutans back into the wild after a life of domestication or having been orphaned. As we walk into the reserve to see the semi-wild orangutans it is essential that we follow the parks instructions. We are not permitted to interfere or touch the orangutans as human contact must be kept to a minimum.Day 8 Turtle Island (B,L,D)Transfer to the jetty for a boat ride to Selingan Turtle Island Park. The journey to the island will take approximately 45 minutes to an hour. Free time to snorkel, swim, explore the island, or simply relax on the beach. A chance to see the magnificent sight of turtles in their natural habitat. Enjoy a sumptuous dinner as the sun sets, then visit the Island Discovery Center to learn more about the life-cycles of these wondrous creatures as well as their history and threats to their existence. After this, wait for the rangers call to observe the Mother Turtle laying her eggs by the shore. Follow the rangers as they transfer the eggs to the hatchery, before heading back to the shore to witness the release of baby turtles to the open sea.Day 9 Sandakan to Kota Kinabalu (B)We may have time to take in some of the sights of the city, go shopping & experience the hustle & bustle of the waterfront markets, before transferring back to Kota Kinabalu by air (45min flight) & have more time to explore the city. On a clear day (depending on flight paths) you can sometimes see Mt Kinabalu from the air.Day 10 Kota Kinabalu (B)Today is departure day and you are free to continue your onward travel.

DepartingFrom 01/01/2015 to 24/12/2016

10 days
FROM $1,799*
10 days FROM $1,799*

Land of the Orangutan - Family Adventure

Borneo, Malaysia

Day 1: Kota KinabaluArrive in Kota Kinabalu and enjoy free time until the welcome meeting in the evening.Day 2: Mount Kinabalu National ParkHead for the hills and the Kinabalu National Park. Arrive for lunch and spend the afternoon walking and taking in the mountain views on the numerous trails.Meals IncludedBreakfastDay 3: Kinabatangan Jungle CampRise early to catch glimpses of Mount Kinabalu before journeying to Poring Hot Springs (approx. 1 hr), for a soak in the thermal pools, a walk around the trails in the reserve, or a swim in a nearby waterfall.Meals IncludedBreakfastlunchdinnerDay 4: Sepolik Orangutan ReserveJourney by local bus (approx. 5 hrs) to Kinabatangan and spend two nights as the guests of members of the local ecological organisation, MESCOT. Head by boat (approx. 30 minutes) into the jungle where you'll stay by Oxbow Lake - the best way to experience untamed Borneo.Meals IncludedBreakfastDay 5: Pulau Tiga National ParkReturn to a local Malay village and be invited into the homes of the local people. Spend the nightin a local family's home.Meals IncludedBreakfastdinnerDay 6: Kota KinabaluHead to Sepilok (approx. 2 hours) and settle in to the guesthouse. Visit the Labuk Bay Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary, in the afternoon and view the monkeys - found only on the island of Borneo.Stop by the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre and spend time observing these creatures.Meals IncludedBreakfastlunchDay 7: Kota KinabaluPerhaps visit the Rainforest Discovery Centre, a centre for environmental education. Wander along the steel canopy walkway and take in the views.Meals IncludedBreakfastDay 8: Early morning transfer to Sandakan Airport for a flight to Kota Kinabalu. Drive (approx. 2.5 hrs) to Kuala Penyu and travel by speedboat (approx. 30 mins) to a secluded, rustic hideaway on the island of Pulau Tiga.Meals IncludedBreakfastlunchdinnerDay 9-10: You travel via speedboat (approx. 30 mins) to the mainland where you transfer to a minivan (approx. 2 hrs) to take you to your final destination by the beach. Spend time relaxing on the beachfront.Meals IncludedBreakfastlunchdinnerDay 11: The tour ends after breakfast this morning.Meals IncludedBreakfastlunchdinner

DepartingFrom 28-Jun-2015 to 06-Jan-2016

11 days
FROM $1,922*
11 days FROM $1,922*

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A South East Asian melting pot

The country is partly on a peninsula of the Asian mainland, bordered by Thailand in the north, and across the South China Sea it takes in the jungles, mountains and reefs of the northern third of the island of Borneo. The capital is the shiny, modern metropolis of Kuala Lumpur ('KL'). One of its tourism hotspots is the 99-island archipelago of Langkawi, with postcard-perfect beaches. Anyone with a hankering for jungle, beach and heritage will find themselves enjoying Penang.

Such variety is precisely why you can get a lot out of a holiday in Malaysia. If you're a hiking, trekking or watersports junkie, Sabah might tick all your holiday boxes, boasting Malaysia's highest mountain, teeming wildlife and some of the best diving in the world amid the Sipadan Islands. Sabah's capital, Kota Kinabalu is the city base for most travellers in this part of the world.

You don't need to be an outdoors type to enjoy Malaysia either. The country is home to high-class restaurants, shopping and pampering options to avail yourself of in KL. Luxury hotels also have affordable price tags too. But come and see for yourself exactly what's on offer.

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