Livin' La Vida Lombok


Day 1: SanurWelcome to Indo. Time for shopping, eating and a few Bintang beers to celebrate the fact that you're on holiday and your mates aren't. Hit up the nearest nasi goreng hawker stall, pick a spot on the beach and chill out till the rest of our crew catch up.Day 2: SenaruFirst it’s a fast boat to Lombok then a short drive to Senaru. The scenery here is different from Bali, and the people are predominantly Muslim rather than Hindu. There’s a heap of village walks, waterfalls and rice terraces to explore if you’ve got the energy. Embrace tonight’s cold shower – we promise it’ll be refreshing.Meals IncludedBreakfastDay 3-4: SenggigiOpt for a half-day waterfall walk in the morning before leaving for the relaxed beachside town of Sengiggi. Here there is time for swimming, snorkelling and just enjoying the sand between your toes. For those after more of a challenge, there is the optional trek up Mt Rinjani volcano. You need to be pretty fit, but tough it out and you’ll find yourself at the rim and camping under the stars. Wake to the call of monkeys and ridiculously epic views. #instatravelMeals IncludedBreakfastDay 5-7: Gili IslandsToday we’ll take you cruising around the Gili Islands. Swim, lie in the sun, stroll or partake in some of the world’s best snorkelling and diving. It’s your own island idyll. BYO sunscreen.Meals IncludedBreakfastDay 8: SanurZip back to Bali on a fast boat, rather than the slow ferry. This means more time to do a bit of last-minute shopping or eat your body weight in prawns.Meals IncludedBreakfastDay 9: Sure, the trip may be all over red rover after breaky, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stick around and soak up a bit more Bali goodness. Enjoy.Meals IncludedBreakfastlunchdinner

DepartingFrom 30-May-2015 to 09-Oct-2016

9 days
FROM $750*
9 days FROM $750*

Lava in Java


Day 1-2: YogyakartaMeet your new travel buddies in Yogya (that’s what the cool kids are calling it) and say hello to Indo life. If you find yourself with a little free time, jump on a becak (cycle rickshaw) and see the city from a set of wheels.Meals IncludedBreakfastDay 3: Borobudur - YogyakartaToday you get to explore one of the world’s most epic Buddhist temple complexes. So bring your adventure hat (whatever that may be – sombrero?) and climb the hill to Borobudur. Afterwards, it’s a choose-your-own-adventure sort of an afternoon. Maybe hit up a puppetry show or gamelan concert. You’re the boss.Meals IncludedBreakfastDay 4-5: Solo - MalangAdmission time: there's a fair bit of driving over the next two days. First stop is Prambanan and its 220 odd temples, then you'll stay in Solo before you head on to the Dutch colonial town, Malang. It’s super pretty.Meals IncludedBreakfastDay 6-7: Mount BromoCross the 'sea of sand' and climb 246 steps to the cone of Mount Bromo. Sleep in bungalows on a coffee plantation in the hills near Kalibaru. Watch the sunrise from the crater rim. Maybe even join the night trek up to the sulphur lake at Ijen volcano. If you’re game.Meals IncludedBreakfastDay 8: UbudMake waves (literally, you’ll be getting on a boat) to Gilimanuk on the island of Bali. Then drive on to lush, mountainous Ubud. You know, the Eat, Pray, Love one? Discover the town as you wish. Wander the rice paddies, shop till you drop at the local markets or have a boozy time down Monkey Forest Rd. It’s up to you, this trip ended on arrival in the ‘Bud. Have fun!Meals IncludedBreakfast

DepartingFrom 26-Jul-2015 to 28-Aug-2016

8 days
FROM $910*
8 days FROM $910*

the Bit Beyond Ubud


Day 1: UbudHey there, Bali! Make your way up the mountain and through lush jungle to evergreen Ubud. Balinese cultural centre, yogi paradise and Eat Pray Love hotspot, this town has got everything going for it. It’s like the pretty, popular girl at high school, but way more spiritual.Meals IncludedBreakfastDay 2: LovinaTemples, paddy fields, arts and crafts markets – this is Indonesia 101. Get acquainted.Meals IncludedBreakfastDay 3-4: Mount Batur - KintamaniHead towards Bali’s northern coast. Stop first to check out the temples of Taman Ayun, then stop again to stock up on sarongs at the Bedgul market. Isn’t it nice that the sunset here coincides with happy hour at most places? And as far as sunsets go, this one is pretty good. We recommend getting yourself a cocktail, stat.Meals IncludedBreakfastDay 5: SanurSet the alarm early if you want to hit the water on a dolphin-watching cruise, then head up the slopes of Mt Batur to your guesthouse for the night. It’s a nice day to be with nature, folks.Meals IncludedBreakfastDay 6-7: SenaruOur time in Sanur is pretty relaxed. And by relaxed, we mean there is nothing on the agenda. Nothing. It’s just a couple of day’s chilling by one of Bali’s loveliest beaches. No biggie. You could follow your nose to the markets and food stalls, you could snorkel, or you could just sleep. But the latter would be a waste, just sayin’.Meals IncludedBreakfastDay 8: SenggigiGet on the fast boat to Lombok then drive to Senaru. This is your gateway to Mt Rinjani, which everyone thought was extinct until she erupted in 1994. And again in 2009. Then three times in 2010.Meals IncludedBreakfastDay 9-10: Gili IslandsYou can trek up Mt Rinjani today and spend the night camping on the slopes. But only if you want to. A full day’s walk will get you to the rim of the crater. And a fully charged iphone will document it on instagram.Meals IncludedBreakfastDay 11-13: SanurThe word ‘Gili’ means ‘island’, which translates to Island Islands. Weird. You've got a few days in the Gilis to swim, dive, snorkel and relax. In short, you’ve got a few days in paradise.Meals IncludedBreakfastDay 14-15: Prepare to get back into the rat race with a hot shave, a haircut or a facial before you leave. Your trip ends after breaky on Day 15. Farewell amigos.Meals IncludedBreakfastlunchdinner

DepartingFrom 28-Jun-2015 to 11-Sep-2016

15 days
FROM $1,405*
15 days FROM $1,405*

Java & Bali - A Tale of Two Islands


Day 1-2: YogyakartaTouch down in Yogya (that’s what the cool kids call it for short). If you arrive early in the day maybe take a becak (cycle rickshaw), check out the Sultan’s Palace and learn the tricks of the trade in a puppetry workshop. You can call yourself Giuseppe.Meals IncludedBreakfastDay 3: Borobudur - YogyakartaNext up is Borobudur, a temple complex on top of a hill just out of Yogya. Spend the whole day exploring one of the most epic Buddhist monuments in all of South East Asia. Which is saying something - there are a lot of Buddhist monuments in South East Asia.Meals IncludedBreakfastDay 4-5: Solo - MalangThere's quite a bit of driving over the next two days. Don’t hold it against us. We promise to make heaps of stops at seriously cool places like Prambanan with its 220 odd Hindu temples and the amazing marketplace at Solo. Say goodbye to your car seat in Dutch colonial town, Malang, and bunk down in a guesthouse for the night. Luxury.Meals IncludedBreakfastDay 6-7: Mount BromoCross the 'sea of sand' and climb 246 steps to the cone of Mount Bromo. Sleep in bungalows on a coffee plantation in the hills near Kalibaru. If you’re game for a 1am start, you could join in on the night trek to chase dawn over the sulphur lake at the top of the Ljen volcano. Epic.Meals IncludedBreakfastDay 8-9: UbudDrive to the port of Banyuwangi, where you’ll see kids diving for coins from high poles. It’s the local sport. There’s more to Bali than cheap beer and novelty t-shirts you know. Boat across to Bali and settle into relaxed Ubud life in this rainforest town. There’s yoga and macrobiotic rice bowls and superfood smoothies for all you health freaks.Meals IncludedBreakfastDay 10-11: LovinaNext up is lovely Lovina. Head towards the north coast of the island, stopping to check out the temples of Taman Ayun and cool off under the Gitgit Waterfalls (Gitgit is fun to say btw).Meals IncludedBreakfastDay 12: KintamaniLeave the coast and hit the slopes of Mount Batur. There’ll be heaps of photo ops along the way – the views of the crater and lake are especially rad. But if you’re an early riser, definitely hit up the dolphin cruise. You won’t wanna miss the chance to say hello to Flipper.Meals IncludedBreakfastDay 13-14: SanurSan is our destination manager and he reckons you can’t go past the grilled tuna steak cooked over coals on the beach. We can’t argue with that. Hunt down the elusive tuna grill, throw down your last few Bintangs and say bye-bye the Indo way.Meals IncludedBreakfast

DepartingFrom 26-Jul-2015 to 03-Sep-2016

14 days
FROM $1,420*
14 days FROM $1,420*



Day 1-2: YogyakartaWelcome to Yogyakarta. Remember to pronounce it with a ‘J’. If you arrive early, perhaps squeeze in a sneaky rickshaw ride to the Sultan’s Palace, wander the markets or check out a puppetry workshop before meeting your Geckos crew tonight.Meals IncludedBreakfastDay 3: Borobudur - YogyakartaBorobudur is the largest Buddhist structure anywhere on earth. There are stupas and temples and a backdrop of live volcanoes, so we guess you could say it’s pretty good. Spend a day exploring.Meals IncludedBreakfastDay 4-5: Solo - MalangAfter visiting the Prambanan complex (all 224 ruined temples of it) and staying a night in Solo, there’s a long drive to Malang to come. You will get to rest up in a cozy little guesthouse on the outskirts of this Dutch-colonial town though. Are we forgiven yet?Meals IncludedBreakfastDay 6-7: Mount Bromo - KalibaruCross the sea of sand and climb 246 steps at sunrise to the rim of a live volcano. Mt Bromo might look cool, but she smells horrible. Seriously, bring a scarf to cover your nose. Sleep in bungalows in the Kalibaru hills surrounded by coffee and cocoa plantations.Meals IncludedBreakfastDay 8-9: UbudJourney to the eastern tip of Java, boat across to Bali, then drive through rainforest to finally end up in Ubud. Lush jungles, rice fields, temples and local artists – Ubud is pretty gorgeous. Eat wholesome food, buy awesome handicrafts, maybe even practise a little yoga. Just avoid the Eat, Pray, Love pilgrims. You’ll know them by their floppy straw hats and fixies.Meals IncludedBreakfastDay 10-11: LovinaAnother travel day, but you’ll stop for a dip in the Gitgit Waterfall to cool down. Plus, the journey over the highlands that divide the north and south of the island is pretty rad. So look out the window, folks.Meals IncludedBreakfastDay 12: Mount Batur - KintamaniGet up early for an optional dolphin cruise before we head into the hills, stopping at Mt Batur along the way for lake and crater views. Insta that stat. Bunk down overnight in Kintamani. You’ll be 1500 metres up and enjoying the fresh air. And you’ll sleep like a log.Meals IncludedBreakfastDay 13-14: SanurTravel day. Time to relax and break out the cards. Once we hit Sanur, follow your nose to the markets. Or just retire to bed and sleep. Hey, we’re not the boss of you. But in all seriousness, Sanur is one of Bali’s best beaches and you’d be silly not to squeeze in some waterside time. Do it.Meals IncludedBreakfastDay 15: SenaruFast boat to Lombok, then a short drive to Senaru. There’s a great scenic contrast here to what’s come before, and the people are predominantly Muslim rather than Hindu. There’s also waterfalls. And cold showers (which are refreshing, we promise).Meals IncludedBreakfastDay 16-17: SenggigiTake the high road or the slower pace! You can either opt for a relaxed half-day waterfall walk on the morning of day 16, before leaving for the relaxed beachside town of Sengiggi. Or for those up for more of a challenge, trek up Mt Rinjani volcano. Hike up to the rim for epic crater views then spend a night camping under the stars. Tempting, huh?Meals IncludedBreakfastDay 18-20: Gili IslandsToday we’ll take you cruising around the gorgeous Gilis. Swim, catch some rays, explore or get underwater with some of the world’s best snorkelling and diving. It’s a choose-your-own-adventure kinda paradise.Meals IncludedBreakfastDay 21-22: SanurHead back to Sanur via fast boat, chop chop. This means you’ll have extra time to do, see and eat all the things you didn’t on the first time round. Maybe you could even fit a little surf in there, too. The trip ends after breaky on Day 22. It’s been solid man.Meals IncludedBreakfast

DepartingFrom 26-Jul-2015 to 11-Sep-2016

22 days
FROM $2,230*
22 days FROM $2,230*

The world’s love affair with Bali extends beyond its magical sunsets and relaxed coastal vibes. This beautiful pocket of Indonesia offers a wealth of activities and excursions that are best experienced with a little bit of guidance. There’s simply no better way to discover awe-inspiring jungle treks, river rafting, or cycling through the rice fields of Ubud than on a tour with a knowledgeable guide leading the way.

Don’t miss these Bali attractions

  • Gili Islands
  • Cycling through the rice fields of Ubud
  • Moneky Forest
  • Mount Batur
  • Tenganan

A different point of view

There are plenty of ways to explore what to do in Bali from a different vantage point. Take the plunge on a canyon tubing excursion, be exhilarated on a white-water rafting expedition, or join a cycling tour through some misty jungle mountains. Be sure to check out the cheeky monkeys at the Monkey Forest while you're at it too.

Perhaps you may appreciate a coastal tour to admire the Hindu paintings in The Hall of Justice in Klungkung. Or why not head to the iconic terraced rice fields surrounding the ancient village of Tenganan, which has remained virtually unchanged for hundreds of years.

From the mountains to the sea

Mount Batur is an active volcano and well worth a visit. Alternatively, you can take a guided tour through the Besakih Mother Temple - Bali's largest temple complex - located on Mount Agung, or luxuriate and enjoy Balinese cuisine on a sunset dinner cruise.

Those keen to get their feet wet will love the journey to Lembongan Island. Cruise in air-conditioned comfort and be rewarded with water activities in or above the sea from the purpose-built pontoon. Additionally, adventures to Komodo National Park and Rinca Island combine hiking among wildlife with snorkelling at Bidadari Island. 

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