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Patagonia's New Rock Climbing Film Chalked Up To High Expectations

3 September 2020
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Well known American sustainable outdoor clothing company Patagonia this week launched its latest film which premiered worldwide on Youtube. 

Highlighting some of the individuals that have shaped the underground culture of climbing, 'Stone Locals,' showcases the heart and passion of the climbing community as it grapples with the sports permeation in the mainstream. 

The story documents five people who have, in their most painful moments, found healing through climbing and the climbing community and who look to maintain that same spirit as the sport evolves.

To these ‘local legends’ and most who join the sport climbing is a way of life, a way of connecting with nature, others and yourself. 


See the full movie below which also features a live chat hosted by the filmmakers, Mikey Schaefer and Cheyne Lempe who’ll be joined by climbers Kathy Karlo and Brandon Belcher for a Q&A sesh. 

Directed by Mikey Schaefer and Cheyne Lempe

Cinematography by Mikey Schaefer and Cheyne Lempe

Edited by Cheyne Lempe and Juliet Ulibarri

Produced by Patagonia Films

Original score by Tyler Strickland


More about the company: Founded by Yvon Chouinard a reluctant founder built his clothing empire through his love for the environment and a passion for crafting quality goods that enhance humanity’s relationship with it. Patagonia’s biggest legacy may not just be its clothing, but its entire brand philosophy.


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