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2016's Best Christmas Gifts For Business Travellers

9 December 2016
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The Christmas shopping craze is in full swing and gleeful gift-givers are flooding the shops in search of just the right present. If you've searched high and low but still can't seem to find something for the frequent traveller in your life, these suggestions may be just what you're looking for ...
A personalised luggage tag Image courtesy of A Cheery Blossom via Etsy

Personalised Luggage Tags

Prices vary

A great gift for those that travel frequently for work and pleasure, personalised luggage tags not only make it easier to identify your bag amid the heap, but they also add just a touch of sophistication to your travels. We found these on Etsy for just over $16.50AUD (plus shipping and handling). and allow you to choose different colours and your preferred lettering. 
A hand holding one of the minimergency kits Image courtesy of

Minimergency Kits

Approx $19 to $25AUD
There’s nothing worse than being stuck at the airport sans luggage on a long layover or delay. Enter Minimergency kits by Pinch Provisions. These pouches may be small but they definitely pack a punch. Designed to get you through in a pinch, there are his and hers versions with everything from pain relievers to deodorant wipes to keep you fresh and in fighting form no matter what unexpected bumps your business travel throws at you.
The jet set kit products Image courtesy of

Luxury Toiletries

Prices vary
For a little touch of luxury your business traveller can take on the road, toiletry travel kits from top brands are a great gift option. Gone are the days of distilling favourite creams, gels and shampoos into small carry-on bottles, with many top brands offering travel versions of their top products. 
For the ladies, Aesop’s Jet Set Kit ($41AUD) is a winner. It features Classic Shampoo and Conditioner, Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser and Rind Concentrate Body Balm. For the gents, the Jack Black First Class Five Travel Set ($49AUD) is sure to impress with All-Over Wash for Hair, Face & Body, Beard Lube Conditioning Shave, Double-Duty Face Moisturiser and Eye Balm Age Minimising Gel.
An iPhone with the Mujjo wallet case on it Image courtesy of

iPhone Wallet Case

Prices vary
Help your business traveller simplify things with an iPhone wallet case. Attaching to their iPhone, this handy case offers a pocket to carry one or two cards (credit cards, ID cards or business cards). They come in all colours and materials, but this leather one by Mujjo is pretty sleek (approx $60AUD). 
A man using the Logitec keyboard while sitting in a chair Image courtesy of

Logitech Keys-to-Go

Approx $70AUD
If your business traveller prefers to travel light with a tablet rather than a laptop, this handy accessory can make their time on the road just a little bit easier. It’s a standalone keyboard that’s compatible with tablets and iPads. Not only is it ultra light and portable but it features Bluetooth pairing and a rechargeable three-month battery. One of the coolest features though, is the durable FabricSkin that protects it from crumbs and spills. 
A kindle e-reader front and back Image courtesy of

Portable E-Reader

Prices vary
For all of the readers out there, e-reader vs real book is one of the great debates, but when it comes to business travel, e-readers can be a huge convenience. Kindle leads the way in e-reader technology, allowing avid readers to store hundreds of titles on one slim and light device. It also features Wikipedia access to look up characters and references as well as a dictionary and highlighting function. The basic e-reader comes in black or white and will set you back approximately $100AUD.
A Samsonite bag showing all available pockets Image courtesy of

Samsonite Pro 4 DLX

Approx $250AUD
Named one of the best bags of 2016, this handy carry-on is perfect for business travellers. The Vertical Spinner Mobile Office version is a soft side bag that meets all airline measurement regulations and weights just 4.3 kilograms. It comes complete with a Perfect Fit adjustable laptop system to accommodate a 13 to 17-in laptop, tablet pocket and cord/accessory pouch.  
A pair of Bose headphones Image courtesy of

Bose QuietComfort 25 Headphones

Approx $399AUD
As one of the packing essentials for any business traveller, a good set of headphones has the power to make or break a flight. Bose is known for being a leader in the field of audio equipment and their QuietComfort 25 headphones have been named the best noise cancelling headphones of 2016 by consumer lists. These over the ear headphones offer significant noise reduction while maintaining a clear, powerful sound. They are also capable of syncing with your devices with a built-in microphone to take calls. 
Prices are approximate and correct at time of writing

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