Small Groups Mean Big Adventures In Travel

6 April 2017
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Been there, done that in Bali? Visited Phuket plenty? Crossed the ditch a few times already? It’s time to amp up your overseas adventures in bucket-list destinations where you can really immerse yourself in the culture, nature and way of life.

Soak up the sun-kissed Venice Beach vibes in LA. (Image: Intrepid)


Intrepid’s small-group style of travel means you’ll stay under the radar – travelling, eating and sleeping the local way. You’ll get as close to real life as possible (without actually moving in!), with the expert knowledge of a local leader who will take you out of the guidebooks and into an authentic world of travel. 

On an Intrepid trip, expect a variety of real-life experiences in over 100 countries that include local homestays, cooking classes, sampling street food, staying in traditional accommodation, bike rides and orientation walks. From southern Africa’s most phenomenal sights to the otherworldly beauty of Iceland, the scope is only limited by your imagination.

Capture the cultural essence of Ubud with Geckos. (Image: Geckos)


For travellers aged 18 to 29, Geckos is the way to go. Travel with a bunch of like-minded wanderers to see the hidden gems that coach-loads of tourists miss, with plenty of free time along the way. Geckos promises authentic adventures without the stress of organising it all yourself for less fuss and more to Instagram about.

Travel cross-country in a small group with an open mind and be sure to pack your spirit of adventure. Explore the real Cambodia, take a high-level look at Nepal, or rock the kasbah in Morocco. 

Get up close and personal on your travels. (Image: Peregrine)


With the spirit of exploration firmly in their sights, Peregrine knows you never outgrow adventure. Take a more considered and cultural journey with a small group where the average size is 10 (and the maximum is 16 people), with the added expertise of award-winning local guides. On a Peregrine trip, you'll travel at a slower pace, stay in unique 'Feature Stay' accommodation, and enjoy an immersive experience – whether that's with a cooking class, a polar adventure or simply through interactions with locals. 

Peregrine pioneered the concept of employing local guides to bring a destination to life. Witness the vibrancy of Rajasthan in India; savour the essence of art, wine and tapas in Spain; or immerse yourself in the traditional and modern elements of Japan.

Immerse yourself in a fascinating destination like Havana with Urban Adventures. (Image: Urban Adventures)

Urban Adventures

Add an Urban Adventures experience to your trip to truly connect with your destination. With options in 126 cities across 84 countries, Urban Adventures offers day tours with a difference where you could be supping and sipping your way through regional specialities on a cicchetti wine tour of Venice, diving in Dahab, or sandboarding the biggest dunes of Florianopolis in Brazil.

Sustainable Travel

Plus, with Intrepid, Geckos, Urban Adventures and Peregrine’s commitment to tread lightly and think locally, you can be assured your trip is also helping the wonderful places you visit. 

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