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Published 10 April 2024


Sometimes as an SME it can feel like it’s you against the world. Especially when you’re duking it out against the big guys with their bottomless budgets, infinite resources and countless teams of people working around the clock and around the globe.           

But that’s the thing about SMEs – you're smart. You know how to find ways to not only survive, but to thrive. You innovate. You agitate. And increasingly, you collaborate.

So, why is this a trend? Well, it’s clear in this post-Covid world that effective collaboration transcends mere cooperation. It encompasses the sharing of a common vision, collective planning, and leveraging each other's strengths. When small to medium-sized businesses collaborate, they unite diverse perspectives, skills, and resources, fostering innovation. By combining ideas, they often create solutions and products that surpass what they could achieve individually. Such results are so impactful that collaborating with direct competitors has emerged as a viable strategy.

Need help with your corporate travel arrangements?  

At Flight Centre Business Travel, we take corporate travel personally. We build partnerships, not just itineraries, because your success is personal to us. Our Travel Managers are dedicated, experienced and knowledgeable, and you’ll get direct access to the same person, who gets your business – and its travel needs – inside and out.

How collaboration works in business travel

When you collaborate with a travel management company (TMC) such as Flight Centre Business Travel, we work as an extension of your team, and we bring a people led, hyper-personal approach to the table. This kind of relationship can bring numerous benefits, enhancing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your travel program. Here are the top advantages:

Expertise and Industry Knowledge

We bring specialised knowledge and expertise in the travel industry, ensuring that your business benefits from the latest trends and cost-saving strategies. We truly know the industry inside out, and we’re ready to let you in on the secrets.   

Cost Savings

Like to save some money on your business travel? We can leverage our relationships with suppliers to negotiate better rates and terms, leading to significant cost savings on flights, accommodations, and other travel-related services.

Personalised Service

Every business, and every traveller, is different. By understanding your company's unique needs and goals, we can tailor travel solutions to match individual preferences, providing a personalised experience. Our Travel Managers are dedicated, passionate and experienced, and they believe that relationships are everything!

Time Savings

We streamline the travel booking process, saving valuable time. This leaves managers and travellers to focus on their real job, rather than managing complex travel logistics.

two business men smiling and looking at each other while walking through an airport with plane in the background
two business men smiling and looking at each other while walking through an airport with plane in the background
two business men smiling and looking at each other while walking through an airport with plane in the background

24/7 Support

Your people are the priority, no matter what. At Flight Centre Business Travel, we offer around-the-clock traveller support, ensuring that assistance is readily available in case of emergencies, flight disruptions, or other unexpected situations.

Compliance and Policy Adherence

Our Travel Managers are the Travel Policy experts, so they know how to make sure your team stays on track. Save money, control costs, negotiate better deals, and enjoy smoother travel experiences.   

Data Analytics for Informed Decision-Making

We utilise data analytics to provide valuable insights into travel patterns and expenses, enabling informed decision-making, policy adjustments, and continuous travel program optimisation.

Risk Management

We assist in implementing risk management strategies, helping your business navigate potential disruptions by providing real-time updates, travel advisories, and emergency support.

two business people sitting at a park beck smiling and laughing with a laptop and coffees
two business people sitting at a park beck smiling and laughing with a laptop and coffees
two business people sitting at a park beck smiling and laughing with a laptop and coffees

Continuous Improvement

Collaborating with Flight Centre Business Travel fosters a partnership where feedback and performance metrics are regularly reviewed, allowing for continuous improvement and the adaptation of the travel program to evolving business needs.

More Than Travel

At Flight Centre Business Travel, we know first-hand what it’s like to be a SME as we were one ourselves not so long ago, so we’re invested in helping you to grow, as well as go. Our business boosting initiatives include our Knowledge Hub, Corporate Travel Grant, Money Can’t Buy Workshop, Lazy Long Lunch and more.

Collaboration is the key to better business travel

At FCBT, we’re huge fans of collaboration, because to us, business travel is personal. We’re passionate about people and your business, and we think there’s no better example of this than our continued success in working together closely with our clients to help them succeed. It’s simply a better way to do business travel.

Collaboration is a great example of the synergistic effect, where the outcome is greater than the sum of the parts.

What that really means is that when we work together, we can do amazing things!

Find out how Flight Centre Business Travel can help streamline your business’ end-to-end travel program and make your travel for work easy.

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