How a Business Travel Program Can Transform Your Business

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Published 17 April 2024


Be honest. When it comes to your business travel, are you flying blind, or do you have a plan?

If you have a formal business travel program in place, then you’re probably enjoying business wide benefits that are contributing to your growth. If you don’t, then it’s a missed opportunity to bolster the strategic core of your business.

There are several reasons why a SME may not have a travel program, such as perceived cost concerns, limited travel needs, time constraints, an informal culture, or simply not being aware of it. Additionally, the transformative potential of a formal travel program is often overlooked. But once these barriers are overcome or removed, the benefits soon become apparent.

Explore the benefits of a business travel program

So, pop your bags in the overhead cabin, and let’s go beyond mere logistics and explore how a good travel program can play an important part in your business’ efficiency and evolution. Below are several ways in which we think a travel program could benefit you and your business.

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Save Money

We’ll cut straight to the bottom line: having a travel program in place - with a travel policy at the heart of it - can help cut your business costs. Expenses related to transportation, accommodation, and other travel-related services can all be reduced. This can be achieved by way of negotiated rates, policy enforcement, visibility of reporting and advanced planning, for example.

Increase Productivity

Want your people working smarter, not harder? Streamlined travel arrangements such as standardising and automating travel processes through a centralised program reduces the administrative burden, leading to greater efficiency in managing bookings, expenses, and approvals. This can help increase productivity as employees (and managers) can focus on their work instead of dealing with the complexities of travel planning and logistics.

Employee Satisfaction

A happy traveller is an asset to your business. When you genuinely consider their preferences and their well-being, job satisfaction and overall morale can lift as a result, providing a welcome boost to company culture. In effect, it’s not just about your team being happy when they are travelling, but when they are back in the office too.

Strategic Vendor Partnerships

Establishing partnerships with preferred vendors can result in cost savings, better service, and added benefits, such as loyalty program perks and dedicated support.

Compliance and Policy Adherence

A robust business travel program ensures adherence to company travel policies, promoting consistency and compliance with guidelines for expense management, booking procedures, and other travel-related protocols.

two business people smiling at each other when walking through lobby
two business people smiling at each other when walking through lobby
two business people smiling at each other when walking through lobby

Risk Management

As every SME knows, the safety and well-being of your people is paramount. Business travel programs often include risk management strategies to address unforeseen circumstances, such as natural disasters or geopolitical events, minimising potential disruptions and ensuring the safety of employees.

Data Analytics for informed Decision Making

Dig into the data and you’ll be surprised how much gold you find in there. Well managed and cleverly mined data analytics provides valuable insights into travel patterns, expenses and trends, making decision-making easier and more insightful.

Brand Image and Recruitment

Business travel can be a perk, when done right. A well-managed travel program can heighten a company's brand image, making it an attractive employer. A smooth and personalised travel experience contributes to recruitment efforts and employee retention.

Set Your Strategy for Success

Now you can see the benefits of a pro travel program and travel policy, remember, strategy is crucial.

It provides a structured approach to achieving your goals and optimising the overall travel experience, and helps you align your travel initiatives with broader company objectives. It can also assist with efficient resource allocation, and the establishment of key performance indicators to measure the program's effectiveness.

Clear Skies Ahead

Once you have your travel program in place, the way forward will become clearer, and there will be less turbulence along the way. You’ll quickly see how it can have a positive effect right across many aspects of your business, and the benefits will be rewarding in many ways.  

Find out how Flight Centre Business Travel can help streamline your business’ end-to-end travel program and make your travel for work easy.

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