Aug 2 2014

All Aboard The Oriental Express For A Southeast Asia Adventure

Marina Barbaro

Get set for an incredibly indulgent, romantic and inspiring train trek across the heart of Southeast Asia’s stunning landscape when you catch the Eastern and Oriental Express. This isn’t typical  train travel, with luxury, style and exotic destinations along every step of the way. … Continue reading

Aug 1 2014

Our Favourite Backyard Breaks

Flight Centre's Guest Bloggers

Whether you’re a young girl from Kansas or a Sydney city dweller, there’s no place like home. While foreign shores and exotic cultures are hard to resist, many travellers are finding their own ‘big backyard’ is filled with unique travel experiences as easy on … Continue reading

Jul 31 2014

Escape to the English Seaside

Rachel Surgeoner

When you’re living in or visiting Great Britain, it’s easy to be lured to nearby exotic European destinations with the promise of cheap flights and even cheaper holiday frivolity at the other end. But you’d be a fool to ignore the gems of the … Continue reading

Jul 30 2014

Living The Gili Island Life, Sunshine Dreamer Style

Flight Centre's Guest Bloggers

The largest of the three Gili Islands, Gili Trawangan is well worth the boat trip from Bali if you like the idea of bunking down in a bungalow or snorkelling among the sea turtles. “Sunshine Dreamers” and enviable Instagrammers Aaron and Ashleigh recently discovered … Continue reading

Jul 29 2014

Forget Christmas In July: 5 Magical White Christmas Destinations

Ben Stower

The end of July is almost upon us, drawing an end to all Christmas In July celebrations. But never mind that; the real question to answer is where you’ll be spending that final week and a half of December. The world is full of … Continue reading

Jul 28 2014

Three Ways To Do A Unique Luxury Stay

Kellie Carty

From coastal seclusion on the windswept Aussie coast, to the rooftop glamour of Singapore and hustle and bustle of New York City, the experts from Flight Centre’s First & Business team shared their recommendations on how to do a luxury stay in three very … Continue reading

Jul 27 2014

Exploring China: From Ancient Treasures To Outdoor Adventures

Will Farrier

A diverse destination like China offers countless ways to arrive at the heart of the country. To create a unique trip, plan your holiday like a real life ‘choose your own adventure’. Here are two distinctive ways you can experience China: from its ancient … Continue reading

Jul 26 2014

Getting To Know Thailand’s Northern Gem – Chiang Mai

Annisa Dharma

Bangkok may get all the glitz and glamour, but Chiang Mai is its creative and carefree sister. The focal point of Lanna culture and for many a jewel of the north, Chiang Mai is Thailand’s fifth-largest city and one with plenty of heart. It’s … Continue reading

Jul 25 2014

6 Reasons To Visit Sri Lanka

Rachel Surgeoner

Sri Lanka has been hot on the list of ‘new destinations’ from the likes of the New York Times, CNN, Huffington Post and the Sydney Morning Herald for years now. Adventure tour company Intrepid has slated the country as one of its top growing destinations. … Continue reading

Jul 24 2014

8 Must Dos In The Northern Territory’s Top End

Flight Centre's Guest Bloggers

The beat of the Northern Territory’s heart can be felt high above its skies and deep within its gorges, pushing you to see and do things you’ve only ever dreamed of. From zooming through crocodile filled waters to watching the sun set over vast … Continue reading

Jul 23 2014

How To Holiday On A $2000 Budget

Rachel Surgeoner

Has the tax man has been generous this year and you’ve come into a small fortune? Need a change of scenery? Or perhaps you’re just looking for a reasonable holiday option not too far from home? There’s easily 2,000 reasons to take a holiday … Continue reading

Jul 22 2014

Intrepid: It’s A State of Mind

Rachel Surgeoner

This year Intrepid celebrates 25 years of offering people real life, experiential travel opportunities all over the world. The company that started out arranging tours to Thailand back in the late 1980s today offers trips to more than 100 countries and counting – next, … Continue reading

Jul 21 2014

The Top 5 Most Overlooked Cities In Japan

Mike Tuckerman

Australians have travelled a well-worn path to Japan for years, and major cities like Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto act as magnets for curious international visitors. But with more than 10 Japanese cities home to over a million inhabitants, some of Japan’s most exciting destinations … Continue reading

Jul 20 2014

Singapore For Families

Lucy Sutton

Singapore may be best known for its world class shopping and gambling, but the city-state offers plenty of family-friendly holiday fun as well. With frequent flights operating across the country and English as the most common language, Singapore is remarkably accessible to Australian travellers. … Continue reading

Jul 19 2014

Where To Go In Vietnam: North Or South?

Tracy Fitzgerald

Many who visit Vietnam say it’s one of the most colourful countries in all of Southeast Asia. And they might argue that this is due, in part, to the distinct differences in culture and climate that exist between the north and the south of … Continue reading

Jul 18 2014

Take On Croatia’s Legendary Yacht Week

Ben Stower

Croatia’s Yacht Week is currently underway, so if you’re wondering why your city’s streets seem a little less festive, you have the answer. Although The Yacht Week has started to spread across to other countries, Croatia still maintains its dominance, boasting the longest season … Continue reading

Jul 17 2014

Road Tripping In Iceland

Rachel Surgeoner

A land of mystery, brazen landscapes, northern lights and midnight sun – Iceland is like no other place on earth. At its warmest, the country reaches a pleasant 16 degrees, but in my Icelandic horse owner’s words, ‘‘what a day!’’ he said as he … Continue reading

Jul 16 2014

Aleesha Bishop Shares Her Secrets Of Siem Reap

Flight Centre's Guest Bloggers

Chances are you’ve heard about the temples, the tuk-tuks and the ticklish ‘fish foot massages’, but those who have experienced Siem Reap’s charms firsthand know a different side of this Cambodian gem. Siem Reap is experiencing something of a travel renaissance, echoing a time … Continue reading

Jul 16 2014

New Airport Security Rules For Electronic Devices

Ashton Rigg

These days, nearly everyone travels with electronic devices like mobile phones, tablets, e-book readers, laptops, digital cameras and portable music players. New aviation security measures have been announced this month, July 2014, regarding travelling with these devices in your carry-on baggage. These new rules … Continue reading

Jul 15 2014

Bali Away From The Beaches

Tracy Fitzgerald

There’s more to Bali than parties and beaches. In fact, it’s hard to look back once you’ve ventured out of Kuta in search of a more holistic and healthy experience. Bali’s inland environments are completely different from what you see on TV and are … Continue reading