Established in 1998, Ezi Car Rental are locally owned and operated in New Zealand. They aim to be a greatest car hire company in New Zealand and aim to achieve this by constantly delivering the very best cars, undeniable value and service they are truly proud of. Their key values include: welcoming, genuine, dynamic, efficient and uncomplicated.

About Ezi Car Rental

Ezi car rental is a warm and inviting locally run company with over 100 passionate individuals wanting to give its customers the best experience of their home, New Zealand.

They are passionate about being able to give you what you need, while understanding there are many different reasons you could book your car; whether it be for business, long and short trips around New Zealand's stunning islands. They are able to dedicate their fleet to suit you, everything from smaller compact cars to people movers and minivans.

You will be able to find Ezi Car Rental locations around New Zealand, including: Auckland, Christchurch, Queenstown, Wellington, Queenstown and Dunedin. Gaining customers from across the globe, making your travel hassle-free even for first time traveller to New Zealand can feel confident driving. Staff are knowledgeable and will make sure you are prepared for driving in New Zealand.

Car Hire with Ezi Car Rental

As a trusted car rental supplier, Ezi car rental brings the quality and range of an international car hire supplier with local Kiwi charm. Its unique brand is affordable and great value for money. Ensuring unequalled experience that is efficient and simple so that you can have an easy journey from beginning to end.