Known as one of the most picturesque cities in Australia, Hobart is located at the foot of Mt Wellington and the Derwent River banks.

As the capital city of Tasmania, it is the ultimate example of Tasmanian character and charm. Hobart is one of the oldest cities in Australia, originally established as a prison colony in 1803. The way Hobart has managed to retain its natural landscape and charm for all these years is what makes it a truly remarkable place to be.

Discovering Hobart

Start your time in Hobart at one of the award winning restaurants or fine dining restaurants. You will discover one of the most freshest seafood straight from the Southern Ocean at the Harbour side overlooking oceanside views.

Take a short walk to battery point on the fringes of the city centre Battery Point is lined by the popular Salamanca Place. As the oldest suburb, it still manages to keep its historical landmarks and cottages almost untouched.

Experience nature with a 1.5 hours drive to Mount Field National Park. Experience nature at its best, ranging from unique wildlife such as the Tasmanian devil to different fern and gum species surrounding the mountain.

Anyone who travels to Hobart must not miss the Salamanca Market, the heart of Hobarts culture, history and creativity with over 300 stalls with fresh local produce, food and handmade products. You can also pop into one of the theatres, cafes, bars and warehouse art galleries nearby.

Take a 1.5 hour drive from Hobart to the Tasman Peninsula, popular with visitors for its stunning beaches, towering sea cliffs and national parks. Explore the UNESCO World Heritage listed, Port Arthur Historic Site and the lavender fields. You can spot sea animals along the coastline, such as seals, dolphins and whales.

The unique scenery and lifestyle of Hobart is no wonder why Hobart is one of the most popular destinations in Australia.

Hobart Car Hire Collections

Car hire suppliers can be found throughout Hobart, the airport is a short 25 minute drive to the city. There are plenty of scenic drives in Hobart, which makes it such a perfect place to hire a car.

The range of cars available in Hobart include compact for short trips or full size sedans or wagons for the family or even a minivan for large families or small teams. We have you covered for your needs, no matter what you are after.