Friends travelling together

5 ways to convince your friends to travel with you

1 September 2020
Read Time: 2.1 mins

There are many advantages to being a world-wide nomad. Fun cities, yummy meals, wild parties, fascinating cultures. On a deeper level, travel presents us with new experiences, new perspectives and if you’re lucky, a new outlook on life. The perks are endless, but more often than not life, and the prospect of having no one to share the journey with, can hold us back.  

While at Flight Centre, we’re big fans of travelling solo, sometimes it’s easier said than done and harder to leave your loved ones than go it alone. But it’s not all doom and gloom and break ups. If you’re really set on travelling with your partner or bestie then it’s time to get persuasive with the following methods.

'Inception' Them

Okay so we don’t mean the whole dream within a dream, level upon level, confusing plot movie technique. I mean sure if you have one of those inception hook-up devices then by all means, inception away. But the idea of letting them think it’s their idea to travel could be key to making your duo travel dreams come true.

And the best way to plant the idea is to play dumb. “Was it you who told me about the line up for Glastonbury?” “Hmmm I’d love to spend my tax return on something special…” “God I’d love a holiday.” You get the drift and so will they. The only difference is, they will think it was their idea and thus be way more enthused to make it happen.  

Inspire Them

It takes a lot of motivation to travel. And if your friend doesn’t have it then it’s probably never going to happen. In order to encourage them to save their pennies for cheap flights and commit to an airfare, find ways to inspire them.

Text them interesting facts about your destination, tag them in breathtaking travel pictures on Instagram, email them inspirational travel quotes or tempt them with international events. Whatever encourages you to travel will probably work on them too so get creative.


Budget For Them

Often it’s not so much a case of ‘I don’t want to travel’ but ‘I can’t afford to travel.’ Don’t let your friend’s budget woes put you off. If they can save just a couple of dollars a day, an international holiday may be insight.

In order to make their case seem less hopeless, help them do up a budget, quit getting morning coffees together, buy them a piggy bank and throw parties at home instead of going out.  

Make It Easy

Once your friend is on board, make the organisational process easy. Head into a Flight Centre store, book a holiday package in one go, have all of your questions answered by our consultants and bing-batta-boom - it's on like Donkey Kong! The more easy it is to arrange the less likely they will be to back out, so aim to book it all in one go.  

Stay Focussed Together

It can be hard to save for a holiday when life gets in the way, clothes go on sale and you’re favourite band comes to town. As such, you and your travel partner need to work as a team to combat the distractions. To stay on track, have weekly catch-ups to plan your itinerary, check where your budgets are at and bounce ideas off each other. The more you’re in it together the more likely the holiday will happen, so stick at it and go team!

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