Aerial shot of Reefworld Pontoon on Great Barrier Reef

Sleep Under The Sea In Australia’s First Underwater Suites

2 January 2020
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Your dream of living under the sea is now a reality. Well, for a couple of days, at least.

Couple in Reefsuites accommodation in the Great Barrier Reef Who needs TV when you've got tropical fish outside your suite?

There’s so many ways to explore the Great Barrier Reef – you can take a scenic flight over the World Heritage Site, dive or snorkel among the marine life, head out on a glass-bottom boat and roll out a swag and camp under the stars at Reefsleep on the Reefworld Pontoon, moored off Airlie Beach on the outer Hardy Reef.

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Now there’s the brand-new Reefsuites – Australia’s first underwater accommodation as part of Cruise Whitsunday's newly developed Reefworld Pontoon (within the Journey Beyond tourism group) for an exclusive stay at the Great Barrier Reef. And it's now available to book your own retreat under the sea within the stunning surrounds of the Great Barrier Reef.

An aerial shot of the Reefworld Pontoon in the Great Barrier Reef. How's the serenity? An aerial shot of the Reefworld Pontoon in the Great Barrier Reef.

Here’s what we know.

The idea

Couple in Reefsuites accommodation in the Great Barrier Reef The suite life with some marine mates for company.

Part of a $10 million project to redevelop the Reefworld Pontoon after damage sustained in 2017’s Cyclone Debbie, the Reefsuites are touted as one of the most iconic tourism experiences in Australia. The Reefsuites are Australia’s first underwater accommodation where you’ll get an up-close look at the marine world outside through the glass by day and at night when the water outside is lit by a light.

The suites

Reefsuites accommodation at Great Barrier Reef Glass walls, ensuite, fish friends – tick!

Giving new meaning to sleeping with the fishes, Reefsuites comprises two premium underwater hotel suites with glass-walled ensuites and panoramic floor-to-ceiling views of the deep blue. The king double or twin single suites can accommodate two people with a 360-degree outlook of the sea life. Basic amenities are provided along with premium bedding for a good night’s sleep under the sea. There’s no TV or mobile reception, so leave your mobile on dry land and tune into the waves instead.

The experience

Sunset dining experience at Reefworld Pontoon The sunset dining experience at Reefworld Pontoon = bliss.

The all-inclusive experience starts with a return cruise on a high-speed vessel through the Whitsundays to the Reefworld Pontoon. It includes marine activities such as a private guided snorkelling tour, semi-submarine tour, access to the underwater observatory and swimming; plus premium beer and wine and all meals created by onboard chefs using local produce. Enjoy a long-table dinner under the stars on the pontoon’s upper deck as part of your Reefsuites stay.

For an extra fee, you can also do optional activities such as diving and scenic helicopter flights over the Great Barrier Reef including Heart Reef.

All images: Cruise Whitsundays/Journey Beyond

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