Ways to Earn More Frequent Flyer Points (And Keep Them!)

10 November 2017
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There’s no feeling like checking your frequent flyer account to find a stack of points just waiting to be used. But what if there was a way to accrue points even faster than flying? If you know how, you can tally up extra points without even realising it just by following these easy tips.

Choose The Right Frequent Flyer Program

First things first: make sure you’re a member of the best frequent flyer program (or programs) for you. There are many important things to consider when choosing a frequent flyer program, but at the top of the list you should understand what the program benefits are and how they’ll realistically fit into your lifestyle to ensure you earn maximum points – and reap the rewards.

Businessmen in airport Regular flyers can do more than just rely on points earned in the air.

Of course, Star Alliance and OneWorld are the two biggest frequent flyer programs – each with a long list of partner airlines and benefits. Joining a well-known program like this is a great way to increase your chances to accrue points while flying with other airlines for regular flyers.

Also remember that often you can transfer points from one program to another, so if you’re looking to take advantage of promotions or you want to consolidate your points, just do your research.  

Research is the key to every element of earning more frequent flyer points. Know the ins and outs of whichever program you choose.

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Keep A List Of Partners Close By

Frequent flyer programs typically have partner programs where you can earn extra points by spending with official partners or making specific purchases. While many travellers know this, it’s easy to forget and therefore miss out on those point-earning opportunities.

car hire Many car hire companies partner with frequent flyer programs.

A great way to keep on top of every chance to earn is to keep a list of your program partners close by, read email updates with special promotions and make a habit of trying to stick to partner companies – from airlines, car rentals, tour companies and hotels to everyday shopping – so it becomes second nature and the points keep streaming in, every day, without you even realising it.

Go Shopping

There are so many retail partners teaming up with frequent flyer programs. You can earn Qantas points while shopping at David Jones, The Iconic, Apple and Kathmandu to name a few. And Virgin has its own alliances with the likes of Clinique, Apple and Interflora – more than 200, in total.

In the age of online shopping, it’s never been easier. To be eligible for points, you simply have to browse through the program website. We recommend you always read the fine print.

Christmas in particular is a great time to take advantage of the online shopping offers – when you’re in bulk present-buying mode, there are ample savings to be made and it’s a great way to avoid the Christmas shopping crowds.

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Pool Family Frequent Flyer Points

Some airlines – including Virgin Australia, Qantas and British Airways – allow family members to transfer points to each other, essentially meaning you can pool them all into one account to accrue faster.

couple at hotel Many travel aspects - both business and leisure - offer more chances to earn points.

This is particularly handy for families who have one person who is a regular traveller and looking to earn maximum points and other family members are not particularly interested in the benefits the points offer.

Find The Best Credit Card For Frequent Flyer Points

One of the easiest ways to collect more points is through an affiliated credit card. Often, you’ll get a certain number of points for every dollar spent on credit (plus bonus points for purchases with partners).

Look for an offer that includes an automatic points bonus just for joining.

Also be sure to do your research into the annual fees and interest rates so that you understand if it is indeed worth it.

Be Aware Of Point Expiration Dates

To make sure your points tally doesn’t go backwards, check if your frequent flyer points have an expiration date. For example, some have a 36-month expiry timeframe – while others don’t expire at all.

woman credit card shopping Be sure to check if your frequent flyer points have an expiry date once accrued.

However, if you’re committed to earning and spending your points, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Take Advantage Of Promotions

Special promotions offering the chance to earn extra points are regularly coming out. It could be a hot purchase, a huge bonus points collection or a hot travel offer. Keep your eyes peeled and jump on them when the chance arises and you’ll be well on your way to being a pro frequent flyer.

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