6 Experiences To Have In Indochina With Wendy Wu Tours

21 March 2017
Read Time: 3.6 mins

Whether you’re seeking the scenic, the authentic, the enriching or the historic, Wendy Wu Tours delivers an abundance of unforgettable experiences in Asia.

Cruise The Mighty Mekong River

woman rows boat through mekong delta canal A scene from the Mekong (image: Getty)

Far removed from the frenzied city streets of Ho Chi Minh City is an impossibly green land of fertile farmlands, groves and orchards divided by a treasured waterway. Vietnam’s ‘rice bowl’ is the Mekong Delta, where life plays out on and along the mighty Mekong River. Board a small traditional boat to paddle through a maze of ethereal palm-lined canals and floating markets, villages and restaurants for a glimpse at the unhurried pace of daily life in this beautiful region.

Discover The Charm Of Hanoi’s Old Quarter

The Old Quarter of Hanoi is a must-visit (image: Getty)

Despite its wide-ranging history and beautiful lakeside settings in Vietnam, most of Hanoi’s allure can be found in the unexpected. Shops stacked high with silk garments and knick-knacks; grandfathers jovially arguing over boardgames in coffee shops; hole-in-the-wall haunts dishing out bowlfuls of steaming noodles to peckish locals. The best example of Hanoi’s charm can be found in the Old Quarter. Wander through the ramshackle streets and explore by cyclo, or pull up a stool at a streetside eatery and simply sit back and watch daily life whizz by.

Embark On A Spiritual Odyssey In Laos

The Pak Ou Caves are packed with over 4,000 Buddha icons (image: Getty)

Laos is a deeply religious destination, with countless sacred sites to visit. Arguably one the most respected is Pak Ou Caves. Located where the Nam Ou and Mekong rivers meet, these deep caverns are a shrine to the river spirit and Lord Buddha, and filled with 4,000 Buddha icons. Most are hidden in complete darkness, although there is a perfect silhouette of relics against a river backdrop in the upper cave that can be reached on foot.

Wind Through The Floating Markets Of Bangkok

Colours, sights and sounds abound at the floating markets in Bangkok (image: Getty)

A trip to Thailand’s capital wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the huge floating markets of Damnoen Saduak. This famous marketplace on the water is a hive of activity, especially early in the morning, with buyers and sellers clambering to get the best deals on everything from colourful handicrafts to fresh produce and local dishes cooked for you right on the boats. Photo opportunities abound in this colourful quarter; just remember to ask before you click.

The Golden Wonders Of Myanmar (Burma)

The Shwedagon Pagoda dominates the skyline in Yangon (image: Getty)

The colour scheme of Indochina’s final frontier is largely golden, thanks to the myriad gilded temples scattered across its great cities and landscapes. Begin in the intriguing city of Yangon, where the skyline is dominated by the huge golden stupa of Shwedagon Pagoda, the country’s most sacred Buddhist site. In Bagan, Shwezigon Paya commands attention with its all-gold exterior, built to enshrine a collection of relics, including Buddha artefacts made of bone, while sunrise and sunset from North Guni Temple illuminate an endless sea of temples in hues of orange and yellow.

Find A Quiet Corner In The Temples of Angkor

Siem Reap's star attraction (image: Getty)

Over in Cambodia awaits one of the world’s most iconic archaeological sites: the Temples of Angkor. Home to the magnificent Angkor Wat temple, the symmetrical UNESCO Heritage-listed complex remains one of the most well preserved reminders of the Khmer Empire, dating back to the 9th century. Part of its splendour can be attributed to the continual use of the site since it was first built. Awe-inspiring in detail and legacy, its sprawling ethereal grounds lure tourists and pilgrims from all over the globe. It’s a busy place, but the immense grounds means there’s always a secluded vine-clad passageway or courtyard covered in exquisite apsaras (mythological Hindu female figures) and bas reliefs to escape to.

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