9 Ways A Tour In Europe Can Be Good for Your Bank Account

16 October 2017
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Yep, you heard that right. Doing a tour through Europe instead of trying to DIY (or maybe doing a bit of both) can be a GOOD thing for your bank account. How, you say? Consider this...

rome travel Doing Europe on tour is easy in so many ways.

You Pay Upfront

Imagine arriving knowing you've already paid for all the essential, big-ticket bits like transport, your go-to travel guide and accommodation = mega peace of mind.

With no huge blows to the travel fund to come (and knowing you've got somewhere safe to sleep each night), all that time you would have spent organising bus tickets, beds and other niggly bits on the ground you can instead enjoy chilling out and exploring. 

You still get time to venture off and explore when on tour.

All The Little Inclusions

Often tours will include many – or at least some – fun stuff iconic to each stop on your route. Whether it's a bike tour with a local around Copenhagen, entry to The Louvre or an, errrrrr, 'show' in Amsterdam, as the saying goes: every little bit adds up! 

Less To Budget For

It's so much easier to keep track of your budget when you only have to think about spending money on a tour (plus any other travels you might do either side of the tour). 

travel money jar Once the big costs are sorted, budgeting for the rest is easy.

Repeat Traveller = Discounts

If you travel with a tour group you’ve used before, you can usually score a repeat traveller discount. It pays to be loyal!

More Friends = More Discounts

Got a crew you'd love to travel with? Bring them along - big groups often score extra discounts too! 

bike riding group Tours mean you get an automatic crew to have fun with!

You'll Be Busy On Tour

That means less un-filled time to wander and get distracted by pretty things in shop windows! 

Insider Tips So You Know Where To Go  

Hanging for a cheapie souvenir? Local food at local prices? Or just can't accept the thought of having to pay to go to the toilet? Your guide can always point you in the right direction when you're in need of tips on how to do Europe on a shoestring.

And even if you do pay for stuff along the way, travelling in a group (or because your tour guide knows every stop inside out) is bound to lead to bonus savings.

travelling outdoors The world is your oyster!

Bang For Your Buck

Max bang for your buck is guaranteed, with tour itineraries designed by travel junkies who know what you DO need to see/eat/do and what you can scrap from the list.

Less Time Travel Planning

= more time working and saving up the moolah to go!

From Istanbul to Edinburgh, Europe is calling.

PLUS... you get an automatic crew for free - you just can't put a price on that!

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Tijana Jaksic

Tijana loves new adventures as much as she enjoys reliving old ones. Favourite stops on the map so far include Greece (beyond the islands!), Mexico City (hello ancient ruins and wonderful art), Poland (for the history and off-the-beaten-track finds), Berlin (so artsy and chilled) and Bosnia (ahhh the natural beauty). Choosing is always hard though - that's why her list is so long and she spends her 'real life' time writing about travel until she's out there on the road again.