Kristin Bell & Dax Shepard Get Us Dreaming Of Africa With Holiday Video

3 February 2016
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Hollywood actors Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard recently enjoyed everyone's bucket-list holiday while on safari in Africa.

The married couple came home with a humorous video that's recently taken off on the internet. While most people are talking about the dorky lip-syncing to Toto's Africa, we were more entranced by a slightly different aspect: the animals.

The sheer amount of wild African creatures that Kristen and Dax see on their trip is incredible. From lions and giraffes, to hippopotamuses and gorillas, the video perfectly sums up the amazing experience of an African safari. At one point a lioness walks right past their four-wheel drive.

To be frank it's got most of us here wishing we could jump on a flight to Africa tomorrow. We'd prefer it if you didn't chase the animals though. Please don't do that. All humans should stay in the jeep, for obvious reasons.

And we also don't recommend dancing around the wildlife, which will likely cost you. Kristen and Dax got fined after being caught.

Check out their video below and try not to feel too jealous.

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Ben Stower

I love the kind of travelling that is one part strategic planning and two parts spontaneous adventure. Whether I'm exploring my local city or a small town in the middle of nowhere, I'm always hoping to find something no one else has discovered.