Photographer Craig Parry's Auckland Adventure

25 March 2015
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Based in Byron Bay, it's not uncommon for photographer and videographer Craig Parry to come across amazing photo ops, and the same can be said while he was on a recent trip to Auckland hosted by Flight Centre and Auckland Tourism.

With his drone, camera and videocamera in hand, Craig explored Auckland and surrounds to get an idea of what you can pack into a long weekend, from kayaking out to Rangitoto Island to watching one of the best sunsets of the year at Piha Beach. We caught up with Craig to hear and see all the highlights of his trip.


What was the highlight of the trip in terms of where you visited?

Piha Beach was beautiful. We managed to get a stunning sunset and then had a lovely meal at the cute little RSA club on the hill.

 Sunset at Piha Beach

Have you come across any unique locals?

Our guide Vinnie, who took us kayaking, was a legend and made us an awesome BBQ on Rangitoto Island!

 Kayaking out to Rangitoto Island

What was your most adventurous moment from the trip?

The awesome horse ride on Pakiri Beach. I hadn't been on a horse for more than 10 years, so it was great to take one for a ride on the beach.

 Horse riding along Pakiri Beach

So, how did you go carting around your drone?

It's always a mission. It keeps me fit! (laughs)

 Bird's-eye view of crops from the drone

Did it draw much attention?

Oh yes. Everyone is intrigued by its capabilities and a lot of people don't really understand how it works, so I always end up explaining.

 Sunrise over Rangitoto Island from Kohimarama Beach

Where did you come across the best views in Auckland?

We kayaked out to Auckland's youngest volcano, Rangitoto Island, and from there it's a spectacular view of the harbour and city.

 The summit of Rangitoto Island

How did you find getting around in Auckland? I heard you had a great chauffeur...

Yes, Sophie from Flight Centre was the best! It was pretty easy getting around especially on the open road. There wasn't much traffic at all.

 Hilltop farm outside of Matakana

How did you get into the travel photography/videography industry?

When I was a kid, I would alway dream of becoming a nature and travel photographer. I would flick through National Geographic magazines and be inspired. Each year my mother would buy me a disposable water camera for my birthday and it started from there!

 Karekare Falls

Did you have a favourite dining experience on the trip?

The Mahurangi Oyster Tour was my favourite. We had a beautiful sunset and saw a triple rainbow! The freshly shucked oysters were delicious and the hosts were very hospitable.

 Shucking oysters in Mahurangi Harbour

Where are you off to next?

Not sure! I had a call from National Geographic last week asking if I was available for Hawaii!

 Heading in from a surf at Piha Beach

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