Australia’s Top 5 Luxury Wilderness Lodges

19 August 2016
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Why not experience some of the most extraordinary, sensory overloading and luxury wilderness locations that this great continent Australia has to offer.

At these incredible locations you can stay in 6-star award winning lodges whilst getting close up and personal with some spectacular pristine natural environments. Our Great Southern Land has many, many to choose from – we have picked our top 5 luxury wilderness lodges.

1. Southern Ocean Lodge, Kangaroo Island, South Australia

Kangaroo Island is renowned as Australia’s Galapagos and brims with diverse wildlife and natural beauty. On the island’s southwest coast, globally celebrated Southern Ocean Lodge offers unrivalled luxury in a uniquely Australian setting.

 Great Southern Ocean Resort on Kangaroo Island cliffs Escape to Southern Ocean Lodge Eco-resort

Perhaps one of Australia's most beautiful destinations, Kangaroo Island is a slice of Mother Nature's best work preserved to maintain the unique beauty of this idyllic escape. There's no better way to experience it all than at the Southern Ocean Lodge. With a significantly small footprint, this unique lodge was designed to coexist with the land, offering a striking design that maximises on incredible Southern Ocean views.

Standing apart from traditional wilderness lodges, the Southern Ocean Lodge utilises sleek, modern design across its 21 suites accentuated by such luxury inclusions as 'produce to plate' dining experiences, The Southern Spa and an inclusive Kangaroo Island experience with daily personalised itineraries.

2. Wolgan Valley, Blue Mountains, New South Wales

Experience the breathtaking beauty of the Australian wilderness at Emirates’ conservation-led (and World Saver award winner) Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa. With 40 stand-alone suites, each with its own private swimming pool and 4,000 acres of nature to explore, this is the quintessential Australian bush experience, with distinctive dining, dramatic scenery, heritage and conservation. This beautiful location is the perfect setting to escape the buzz of the city nestled within the greater Blue Mountains region.

 Couple looking out from infinity pool into Whitsundays The spectacular Wolgan Valley

3. Qualia Resort, Hamilton Island, Queensland

Located on the secluded northern tip of Hamilton Island, surrounded by the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef, this world-class resort immerses you in a relaxed atmosphere. Qualia, is truly special place where much thought has been put into the facilities available all designed to relax the mind yet completely spoil the senses.

 Couple looking out from infinity pool into Whitsundays The private plunge pool in a Windward Pavillion

Guests at Qualia on Hamilton Island will be welcomed into a world of unsurpassed luxury and sophistication. For couples that would like to experience the region, the resort proudly organises a range of activities including an epicurean food experience, a cruise to Whitehaven Beach and a snorkelling expedition on nearby West Henning Island.

4. El Questro, Western Australia

In the middle of almost 1 million acres of Wilderness Park and seemingly like a million miles from anywahere, the luxurious El Questro Homestead sits on top of a gorge in the heart of Western Australia's Kimberley region. The Homestead with its high vantage spot has magnificent vistas of one of the prettiest locations in The Kimberley. The Homestead maintains its relaxed retreat ambience and exclusivity with only ever catering for a maximum of 18 guests.

El Questro gorge with swimmers A dip here is impossible to resist

This is the luxury base for guests to explore the diverse Kimberley landscape – some of it untouched - with personalised and intimate tours. Soak in the Zebedee Thermal Springs, cruise private gorges, rivers and waterfalls, explore from the air, horseride or hike the terrain on foot. The Homestead is renowned for serving gourmet cuisine in dramatic locations – an intimate dinner beneath the stars, or over a waterfall.

5. Saffire, Freycinet, Tasmania

Tucked away and overlooking the pristine waters of Great Oyster Bay, Saffire blends man-made and natural structures with breathtaking beauty. Staying at Saffire is an experience, a pristine coastal sanctuary.

 Safire Lodge in Frecinyet Saffire Freycinet's incredible setting (image: Saffire Frecyinet)

If the spellbinding location overlooking Great Oyster Bay and the fiery red Hazards doesn’t seduce you, fine Tasmanian dining, signature experiences, the decadent day spa and sizeable suites with floor-to-ceiling views will.

No matter your reason for escaping to this delightful getaway, Saffire’s range of complimentary activities will add a new dimension to your stay. Like donning a pair of waders, sliding into the crisp water and devouring freshly shucked oysters while sipping bubbly right in the bay at Freycinet Marine Oyster Farm.

 Eat oysters straight from Oyster Bay Tasmania Feast on oysters straight out of the bay (image: Saffire Freycinet)

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