An East Coast Escapade With Instagrammer Chloe BH

1 August 2015
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Sydneysider and sun seeker Chloe Barry Hang (@chloe_bh) recently hopped along the East Coast of the United States, letting her inner kid run wild at Walt Disney World, soaking up the Miami heat, and taking in the big city delights of New York City. We caught up with Chloe to get her highlights and tips for an East Coast adventure.

 Admiring Miami (Image: @chloe_bh)

What were your first impressions?

My first impressions of Miami was that it was very Miami Vice! I was pleasantly surprised at how beautiful the buildings were and how much 'electricity' the city had.

Disney World, at first, incredibly overwhelmed me, due to the sheer size of it! And New York was exactly how I imagined, if not better. The food definitely made it one of my favourite places!

 High above the concrete jungle (Image: @chloe_bh)

What was the one shot you had to have?

The Top of the Rock photo with the sunflowers, although I did imagine it with blue clear skies rather than overcast. Still, I think the final outcome worked better than I pictured.

 Fit for a Disney princess (Image: @chloe_bh)

What was your favourite shot from the trip?

Definitely the photo in front of the castle at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom! The photo at sunset in New York just after it rained was also a favourite.

 Disney comes alive at night (Image: @chloe_bh)

Do you have any tips for first-timers?

Do a lot of research prior to travelling, whether it be guide books, online blogs or TripAdvisor. Also, ask your Flight Centre expert on tips and advice, as they know best!

When going to Disney World, I would definitely recommend spending at least three days there as there's so much to do. Also, pack some snacks for when you're waiting in lines.

I would also advise getting a FastPass+ for the Park. My tip for the Top of the Rock is to be there for sunset and make sure you allow plenty of time to get up to the top.

 A quiet reprieve in the NYC Public Library (Image: @chloe_bh)

What was your 'special place' on the trip?

The New York Public Library was incredibly beautiful and a good escape from the rest of the city.

 Georgetown Cupcakes, anyone? (Image: @chloe_bh)

Were there any 'foodie' highlights?

My absolute food highlight was Serendipity 3, the dessert restaurant, and Levain Bakery. You definitely can't miss either of them when visiting New York! Anyone going to New York must also try the Ramen Burger at the Brooklyn markets.

 Central Park bike rides are a must (Image: @chloe_bh)

What would you do again or do differently?

I would definitely spend the day bike riding in Central Park again, as it was probably my favourite day of the whole trip.

In regards to what I would do differently, I wouldn't ride bikes around Wynwood in Miami during the middle of the day in summer. I don't think I've ever been so hot in my life!

 Feeling the heat in Miami (Image: @chloe_bh)

Describe your trip in three words:

Entertaining, exciting and amazing!

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