Experience the Heat of Brazil’s Best Beaches

4 February 2014
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If there is anything that Brazil has in abundance it would have to be the fantastic beaches along its over 7,000 kilometre Atlantic coastline. Combine that with the vibrant Brazilian flair for life and you’ve got one fun filled destination full of spirit and beauty. To Brazilians, the beach is more than just a stretch of sand; it’s a lifestyle, and one that they enjoy to the hilt. Beach life plays a large role in the culture of Brazil but how do you choose the best Brazilian beaches with so many to choose from? Let’s break it down and have a look at just five of the best coastal spots sure to wet your appetite.

 Lopes Mendes Beach, Ilha Grande

The long expanse of soft, bright sand at Trancoso has been attracting Brazil’s A-list celebrities for years and the luxury resorts and incredible scenery have helped maintain this exotic location as a top destination for holiday makers. Enjoy a long walk along the endless stretch of beautiful beach before claiming a lounge chair and umbrella for some serious relaxation. The palm tree lined coastline makes for an idyllic setting where you can opt for a secluded day at the beach or enjoy all the amenities offered by the nearby resorts.

Lopes Mendes Beach, Ilha Grande
The island of Ilha Grande (The Big Island) features one of Brazil’s most beautiful beaches, one that’s consistently rated among the country’s best. Take one of the popular boat tours out to the island where the Lopes Mendes Beach attracts adventure seekers for its surfing, snorkelling and kayaking. There are beautiful nature trails in the nearby rainforests that lead to lookouts which offer awe-inspiring views. The beach sand is extremely soft and fine and offers a comfy place to throw down a towel and enjoy the scenery. The waves can be a bit strong but the shallow depth makes for a fun experience.

Porto da Barra, Salvador
Porto da Barra Beach is a rarity in that it is one of the few westward facing beaches in Brazil, meaning of course that the glorious evening sunsets can be taken in here. The tranquil bay offers an inviting beach getaway where the calm, shallow waters beckon with its warm temperatures and vibrant blue colours. While the beach can get a little busy, the lovely setting and excellent swimming conditions are hard to pass up. The beach is situated in the city of Salvador and the unique colonial charm so evident in the city can be enjoyed right from the beach. There is an historic fort overlooking one end of the beach and a picturesque church visible nearby. It’s a scene that offers a true Brazilian experience while enjoying part of Brazil’s rich past.

Taipus de Fora, Maraú Peninsula
Located on the long Maraú Peninsula on Brazil’s central coast, Taipus de Fora Beach boasts seven kilometres of soft, white sand coastline where swaying palm trees and quiet villages form the backdrop to this spectacular location. Beautiful natural swimming pools have developed within the coral reef at low tide creating unique pockets of shallow water to enjoy. At the south end of the beach and just a short walk away sits the “Blue Lagoon,” a body of cool freshwater that is perfect for a refreshing dip after a day swimming in the ocean’s salty waters. These unique natural elements have made Taipus de Fora one of Brazil’s most popular beaches.

Baia do Sancho, Fernando de Noronha
This secluded slice of heaven is only reachable by boat or by the somewhat precarious cliff top ladders from above. If you love beautiful, private little spots to get away from it all then the effort to get here will be well worth it. Rocky outcrops jut out into the crystal blue waters and the shallow depths near the beach and along the cliffs offer excellent snorkelling conditions. This is considered by many to be Brazil’s best beach and with the stunning scenery and perfect swimming conditions it’s easy to see why.

Everyone has their own definition of what makes a great beach, but it’s clear that Brazil has many of them. To experience the beach is to experience Brazil, and it may just be that visitors will have to experience as many of these coastal jewels as possible to get a real feel for the country – and that sounds like a most enjoyable assignment.

Todd Sturm

I currently live in Brisbane, Australia. No matter where my travels take me, I enjoy experiencing each destination from the perspective of the locals. Some of my favourite attractions include historic sites, national parks and architectural landmarks.