German Castles Straight From The Pages Of A Fairy Tale

21 October 2016
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As the home of the Brothers Grimm, it's no wonder that Germany's forests and countrysides host some of the world's most beautiful castles. Inviting travellers to step into their favourite fairy tales, these castles not only tell of Germany's rich history, but they demonstrate the lavish lifestyles of royal families past while showcasing some of the incredible landscapes of this vast and varied country.

Sababurg Castle

Perhaps you've heard of a little tale called Sleeping Beauty? Many have dubbed this castle the Sleeping Beauty castle as it is thought to be the setting for the Brothers Grimm fairy tale (known as Little Briar Rose). Hidden in the depths of the famous Reinhardswald region of Germany, it dates back to 1334 and has formerly acted as a place of protection for pilgrims. It was developed into a hunting lodge in the 1490s and is now a hotel. Guests to the castle, whether staying or not, are invited to tour the outdoor facilities from April to October. This includes the castle garden, herb garden, fairy tale tour and tower ascent.

Lowenburg Castle

Located in Wilhelmshohe Berg Park, this medieval knight's castle epitomises story book-esque architecture. Though it may look the part, this castle is actually a replica of medieval architecture. Built somewhere between the 1790s and 1800s, it was the house of Landgrave Wilhelm IX. Today, visitors are welcome to take guided tours. This includes walk throughs of the armoury (with suits of armour from the16th and 17th centuries), castle chapel housing the castle-builder's tomb, and the men's and women's quarters.


Trendelburg castle

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Trendelburg Castle

Since being constructed in the Middle Ages, this historic German castle has acted as the legal seat and official residence. It also survived the Thirty Years War and the Seven Years War, remaining largely unscathed over the course of history. After some preservation work, it was transformed in to a hotel and restaurant, with the fortress courtyard remaining open to the public. Guided tours are available to inspect many of the historic rooms. There is even a Rapunzel tower complete with long golden braid handing from the highest window.


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Berlepsch Castle

This picturesque castle looks pretty good for being approximately 650 years old. Built by the Berlepsch Castle to hold the border of their lands, it has been well preserved and protected despite receiving damage through the Thirty Years War. Perhaps it's most astonishing feature is its commanding facade, holding up an awe-inspiring position atop a mountain at the edge of the Werra Valley. Visitors are welcome to tour the external grounds at any time, while public guided tours through the castle are available Wednesday to Friday.

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Ludwigstein Castle

Another commanding castle perched above the Werra valley, this castle was constructed in 1415 by the order of Landgrave Ludwig I. It was once the seat of administration and court. Around 1664, the castle lost its duties, was abandoned and fell into disrepair. It was only recently that the youth movement began reconstructing the castle as a hiking destination. Today, the castle hosts a hostel with seminar rooms, a swimming pool, campsite and outdoor terrace. It's also a popular destination for weddings.


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Reichsburg Cochem Castle

Widely believed to be constructed around the year 1000, this historic castle has played a substantial role in German history. It has acted as an imperial fiefdom and a pawn in payment for coronations. It was taken over by Louis XIV's troupes around 1689 who subsequently set it on fire and blew it up. The castle ruins were rebuilt in the Neo-Gothic style around 1868 by a German business-man, and today the interiors have been lavishly restored with Renaissance and Baroque furnishings. There is a castle restaurant and guided tours available daily from 9am to 5pm.


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Lichtenstein Castle

When it comes to fairy tale castles, it's hard to beat this one. Seemingly rising out of a sheer cliff, this small castle commands incredible views over the surrounding rolling mountains. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful castles in Germany. It dates back to the 1300s and was once the home of the Knights of Lichtenstein. It has certainly seen its ups and downs. This includes being dismantled in the 1800s and replaced by a hunting lodge. Luckily in 1837, it was restored with the help of architect Heideloff Count Wilhelm of Wurttemberg. Visitors are now welcome to tour the castle and its surrounds at the edge of the Swabian Alps.


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Neuschwanstein Castle

Arguably the most popular castle in Germany, Neuschwanstein was built in the 1800s so that Ludwig II, who had lost his sovereign power, had a 'kingdom' to oversee. Built in the Gothic style, it featured all the elements of the old German knights' castles. This includes interiors decorated with scenes from Medieval literature and an astounding position overlooking the surrounding mountains and gorge. It was opened to the public seven weeks after the king's death and has developed into one of the most popular castles in Europe. Daily tours are available to inspect the lavish interiors, including the Throne Hall, Grotto and conservatory and Singers' Hall.

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