Hitler's Abandoned Hospital Will Frighten You Under The Covers

24 June 2016
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Today in Germany's capital city, Berlin, the ruins of a once prosperous sanatorium and later military hospital still stand.

But Beelitz-Heilstätten was no ordinary hospital. It was where, back in World War I, Adolf Hitler was nursed back to health after being partially blinded by mustard gas.

Hitler, a Corporal in the German Army at the time, later went on to lead one of the biggest invasions the world has even seen, prompting World War II.

Thanks to local tours, it's still possible to wander the halls of Beelitz-Heilstätten, stained dark and reeking of age and neglect, walking along the same floors as a man synonymous with villainy.

There's no substitution for standing within the complex and feeling that eerie, unnatural void of life, but we have a feeling the following photos will suffice for now.

Rusted bed frame in abandoned hospital Image: Getty
Ruined hallway in abandoned hospital Image: Getty
Ruined operating room and equipment in abandoned hospital Image: Getty

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Ruined hall and smashed windows in abandoned hospital Image: Wikipedia
Ruined room with rusted bed in abandoned hospital Image: Getty
Stained brick exterior of abandoned hospital Image: Wikipedia
Empty hallway in abandoned hospital Image: Wikipedia

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